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VFP Command Line Parameters

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
  • -A Overrides the default configuration and registry
  • -BFilename Display a user-supplied bitmap rather than the default VFP bitmap at startup
  • -CFileName specifies a file to use for CONFIG.FPW
  • -DFilename specifies an alternate runtime DLL
  • -LFileName specifies an alternative Resource file
  • -T suppress VFP banner page - same as /nologo
  • -R Refresh Windows Registry settings refreshed from VFP defaults. This option doesn't work with VFP 5 or 6. You get an error that VFP can't find -R.PRG instead. (Note: This one got dumped in VFP6 and replaced by /Regserver. -- wOOdy)
  • /REGSERVER register as an OLE Component (out of process servers)
  • /UNREGSERVER remove registration of an out of process server
  • -SHELLApparently, sets up an instance of VFP as a DDE server. For the System topic, supports the "Open", "Print", and "Set PrinterOffsite link to
" messages. No other messages documented, though. -- John Koziol
    Note: When you use these options for your own program, they are eaten up and not passed to the parameter statement in your app. -- CFK
    You CAN use the -BFilename on your own apps to get an easy splash screen. It does work on a generated EXE file. At least with the following conditions:
  • Create a Short-Cut to the EXE
  • Add the -B Parameter to the Target line of the Short-Cut
  • Filename should be Fully Qualified
  • Filename must be a valid Windows Bitmap Note: Although this method works, it is vulnerable to problems:
  • User runs the EXE from the Run command or the Windows Explorer
  • Short-Cut gets deleted and recreated by user
  • Bitmap gets deleted All of these actions can result in your splash screen not showing up. -- Chad Bourque
    I thought you could use the -C command line parameter as long as no CONFIG.FPW were compiled into the application, and obviously, the /REGSERVER and /UNREGSERVER have to work for Out Of Proc servers. As to the -R problem, that's true - so how can I fix my registry associations if I install VFP5 after VFP6, so that VFP6 is used to resolve the default actions? -- Ed Rauh
    Use the /RegServer switch instead. It replaced the -R since VFP6. Doesn't made it in the docs. -- wOOdy
    The -L command line parameter is perfectly usable for your applications. Take this line "C:\Program Files\Infodons\infodons.exe" -LVFP6FRA.DLL, it will tell VFP to use the French support library. -- JosÚ Constant
    /? All the parameters are displayed in a window
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