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Tools like ReFox can be used for the good and for the bad. There is a dark side to this type of product. The advice is to use a product like Molebox to encrypt your apps in a way that makes decompilation impossible. Peter De Valenša

Don't be so naive - both ReFox and Molebox and many other "Protectors" (Armadillo, KONx ISE to name some) are almost useles pieces of software (in protecting code of course - not in other useful areas like compression), as it just add 20 minutes to exctract object code from protected exe - after that ReFox will decompile it without any problems.
-- Igor Korolyov
You can't prevent decompilation of dotNET, either. But you can obfuscate, relabelling constants and variables confusingly and overloading methods so practically everything uses the same method label. You can sort of do this with VFP apps, but it is much harder to obfuscate methods.
Can you decompile a VFP exe protected with Armadillo?
David Le Mesurier

Yes I can. All I have to have - 1 legal copy (so I can launch it on at least 1 computer). Then I can use Win32 debugger to attach to this process, set breakpoint to Read FileOffsite link to
API call in vfpXr.dll import table, so I can intercept all VFP runtime file reads - as NO ONE KNOWN VFP protector really
modifies VFP runtime encoding or object code processing algorithms (ReFox Level II and above just change encoder/decoder tables and constants - not algorithm itself) - I will get pure VFP object code, the one I can feed to ReFox or other VFP decompiler. If object code was encoded with non-standard encoder/decoder tables (as in case of ReFox Level II branding) I will just need a simple decoder like Corso, or even my own hand made decoder (200 line prg file) - it will made plain object code suitable for ReFox processing.
-- Igor Korolyov

Hi i'am Victor from Lima - Peru - 2006/09/08
Well i've tried Unfoxall with VFP7 exes even branded with password by REFOX and Unfox ALL decompiled ALL , also i used my system made with VFP9 SP2 and i got the same result; decompiled all the forms , programs , classes , reports, i am very scared , because this guys of china are very good , and i think we don't have any protection of this decompiler , i think the guys of refox must to do they homework and fix this because the branded level protection only work with refox but not with unfoxall. And i'm asking my self if the china guys know this... imagine is they decide make a new version.

Victor E. Torres Tejada

Hi all - Richard from the UK
Unfox All is an amazing tool. After working for hours to add a complictaed process to a form, I compliled the exe in VFP6 tested and all was fine. Returned to the form in Fox and my machine was struck down by an overheating processor due to a fan fault. When I returned the form it was completely corrupted and useless. Downloaded and installed Unfox All, one minute later there was the form and all the code, exactly as written. Brilliant and amazing. Thank you.

Hi all - Alex Kato Ba from Nigeria
Protecting VFP executables from decompilation is almost impossible if not completely impossible. Refox, Molebox etc have been defeated the next hour/day they were released.

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