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VFP Debugger Call Stack Window

Namespace: VFP
A place to discuss the Call Stack Window
The Call Stack window displays the current calling chain of your application
You invoke the call stack window with:
  • Tools - Call Stack Window from the main window, or
  • ACTIVATE WINDOW "Call Stack" from the command window
    The yellow arrow points to the current procedure. As you navigate up and down the call stack, the Locals and Trace are updated to reflect the calling programsí status.
    For the Call Stack to work, you need to set "Trace between break points" with Tools - Options - Debug - Trace options. You can also set this in the Trace window with a rightclick shortcut menu. SET TRBETWEEN ON | OFF
    Unless you are actively inspecting the Call Stack, keep this window closed. It is one of the slowest debugger windows to refresh while stepping through code.
    * ClipCallStack.prg
    Local ;
    	lnLevel, ;
    lcStack = ""
    For lnLevel = 1 to Program(-1)-1
    	lcStack = Program( lnLevel ) + Chr(13) + lcStack
    * Pick your flavor:
    _ClipText = lcStack
    Return lcStack

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