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VFP Debugger Keyboard Shortcuts

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Culled from VFP help, here are the keyboard shortcuts that make using the debugger more pleasant
Debugger Keyboard Shortcuts
The following keyboard shortcuts apply to the debugging tools in the Debugger window or in the FoxPro frame.
Is it me, or do these only work if the debugger is in the Debug Frame and if the debug console has focus?-- Steven Black
Steve, When it's in VFP Frame, I think it has to do with having the DebugToolbar displayed. Not sure this is the driving force, but I just checked, and I could use the hot keys. -- Randy Pearson
No, the problem is when you assign macros to these shortcut keys. Clear the macros and the shortcuts work. Thanks to Colin Nicholls for the hint - I've been wondering about this one for years -- Allen Belkin
Resume (F5)
Cancel (ESC)
Step Into (F8)
Step Over (F6)
Step Out (SHIFT+F7)
Run To Cursor (F7)
Trace Window (ALT+8)
Watch Window (ALT+3)
Locals Window (ALT+4)
Call Stack Window (ALT+7)
Debug Output Window (ALT+2)
Toggle Breakpoint (F9)
Clear Breakpoints (CTRL+SHIFT+F9)
Breakpoints (CTRL+B)
Open File (CTRL+O)
Save Configuration (ALT+S)
Exit Debugger (ALT+F4)
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