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VFP Debugger Locals Window

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
From the VFP help:
The Locals window displays all the variables, arrays, objects, and object members that are visible in any program, procedure, or method on the call stack. By default, values for the currently executing program are displayed in the Locals window. You can see these values for other programs or procedures on the call stack by choosing the programs or procedures from the Locals For list.

You can click in the Values column and change the current values of variables and properties.
You can also right-click for a menu that allows your to show/hide:
You can activate the Locals Window via Tools - Locals Window (assuming FoxPro Frame) or from the Window menu of the Debugger window (assuming Debug Frame). You can also programmatically invoke the Locals Window with ACTIVATE WINDOW Locals
The Locals window shows all the objects and memory variables that are visible in a particular code segment.

The VFP Debugger Watch Window (Watch Window) and the VFP Debugger Locals Window (Locals Window) look similar and share some of the same functionality. What's different is the Locals Window does not allow the input of a variable, object, etc. to be monitored. Breakpoints can be set in a Watch window, but cannot in Locals. Further, Locals Window displays all values that pertain to the current running application and you can switch from one object to another to isolate the current status of that variable in that segment of your application.
The locals window is very helpfull when debugging something where you would like to review the property values of objects that exist. You can drill down into a form to find the controls inside and then drill into those to review the property values.
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