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VFP Debugger Watch Window

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A window in the VFP debugger that is used to enter expressions for which you want to follow the values. You can also set breakpoints on any of the watch items that will cause the code to suspend and bring the debugger forward when the value of that expression changes.
You can activate the Watch Window with ACTIVATE WINDOW Watch from the command window, or fron the Tools - Watch Window off the main menu.
Cool things about the watch windows.
  • You can 'drill down' into arrays and objects.
  • You can change the variables and references in the list.
  • You can drag expressions to and from the Command Window and the Watch Window.
  • You can drag expressions from the trace window.
  • Use the debugger to change variables: The values of variables in the watch and locals window can be edited -- click on the value, change, hit enter.
  • You can use constructs like This, This Form.Caption or This Form in the watch window.
  • Placing sys(1272, sys(1270)) in the watch window will show the name of the object under the mouse.
    To alter the order of items in the watch window:

    In the Debugger: File | Save Configuration. This requires that you be using Debug Frame instead of FoxPro Frame. This saves the a flat ASCII file with the extension of DBG. Open this file up and move the WATCH= entry to the top of the list. Save the file and use File | Load Configuration to get the "new" configuration. You can now switch back to FoxPro Frame if that is your preferred debug environment.

    Note: the raw order information is stored in foxuser.dbf, but altering the ASCII content of the memo crashes VFP quite severely when you try to open the Watch window.
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