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It is now official! Microsoft is hosting a new Visual FoxPro DevCon May 14-18, 2000 in New Orleans! This is in addition to the Miami Beach DevCon in September 2000. -- Alex Feldstein

More info will be forthcoming soon, most likely in the form of a mailing to all previous DevCon attendees. The conference is being produced by Tech Conferences Inc., the company which has co-produced the last 6 DevCons with Advisor Publications. They are each doing their own DevCon in 2000. -- Ed Leafe
In parallel, on the same ticket, as SQL Connections 2000 Devcon
VFP DevCon 2000 will be held at the same time and place as their SQL Server conference. Registering for either of the conferences gives you admission to the sessions of either one! This is a really great opportunity, IMO. -- Ed Leafe

If you're lucky, you might just get a VFP developer (me!) as the speaker in one of your SQL session(s)! -- Chuck Urwiler

Or several of them (lol). Let's freak them (the SQL Server attendees) out by using VFP examples. -- John Koziol
It's important to realize that Microsoft isn't "hosting" this new event any more than they "host" Advisor DevCons. They are, however, putting an equal amount of support behind the May conference as they are September's Advisor DevCon. -- Barry RLee
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