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VFP DevCon Connections 2001 Chat

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VFP DevCon Connections 2001 Chat, a Wednesday Night Lecture held on ^2001/03/21, given by MarkusEgger.

Session Start: Wed Mar 21 20:03:27 2001

[20:03] *** Now talking in #VisualFoxPro

[20:52] {BonnieBerent} Hey Markus

[20:54] {MarkusEgger} Hi Everybody!

[20:54] {CarlKarsten} greetings Markus

[20:54] {RickBorup} Hi Markus

[21:02] {MarkusEgger} Al right. You guys got any questions?

[21:02] {RickBorup} for openers, how many are you expecting at your Sunday session?

[21:02] {MarkusEgger} That's a very good question. I actually don't have anything to do with signup numbers or any of the other logistical issues.

[21:02] {MarkusEgger} That said,

[21:03] {MarkusEgger} We do expect the VFP & .NET sessions to be pretty much "sold out".

[21:03] {CindyWinegarden} I'm in a panic about you Sunday afternoon pre-conference session which is free to people who register early. But I never registered for the conference! Will there be a seat for me? ;-)

[21:03] {MarkusEgger} We have limited room only, and we have to give it away on a first-signup, first-serve basis

[21:04] {RickBorup} With that in mind, I signed up early

[21:04] {MarkusEgger} Well, maybe. < s >

[21:04] {MarkusEgger} I guess I should also explain my role in all of this.

[21:04] {MarkusEgger} The way TechConferences does their conference is very different from Advisor's way of doing it.

[21:05] {MarkusEgger} While Advisor has a bunch of people that do the entire conference

[21:05] {MarkusEgger} (and those people are somewhat technically savy, but of course, they do lots of technologies and don't really know any fox...)

[21:05] {MarkusEgger} Tech Conferences does the logistics,

[21:05] {MarkusEgger} which involves everything that has to do with the hotel.

[21:06] {MarkusEgger} they deal with lunches, parties, attendee bags, signups,...

[21:06] {MarkusEgger} All the tough logistical stuff, basically.

[21:06] {MarkusEgger} But they do not claim they have great technical knowledge about each of the topics,

[21:06] {MarkusEgger} and I think that's a very good move.

[21:06] {MarkusEgger} How could a conference organizer know all about the latest and greatest in software development?

[21:07] {MarkusEgger} For this reason, they team up with people such as myself,

[21:07] {MarkusEgger} to make sure the show has the best and most up-to-date content.

[21:07] {MarkusEgger} So I (and Barry) am responsible to invite speakers (or initiate an open call for speakers as we did),

[21:07] {MarkusEgger} pick the speakers and make sure we have great sessions.

[21:08] {MarkusEgger} We also get to make suggestions such as whether or not it makes sense to have a .NET pre-conference day, or not.

[21:08] {MarkusEgger} We also come up with the schedule.

[21:08] {MarkusEgger} However, there are some limitations.

[21:08] {MarkusEgger} The logistics organizer sets times for keynotes, parties, and the major breaks.

[21:09] {MarkusEgger} Also, the logistics organizer specifies how many speakers can be invited, how many rooms are available, and so forth.

[21:09] {MarkusEgger} So that's about it for the rough overview. < s >

[21:09] {CindyWinegarden} They still haven't posted the schedule, even though it's been finalized.

[21:10] {MarkusEgger} Yes, that is correct.

[21:10] {CarlKarsten} (as long as we are on the topic, I will plug one of my clients: Conference Management Systems: - thats all they do is the logistics - they don't even pretend to know about the content - kind n-tier ;)

[21:10] {MarkusEgger} And I think that makes a lot of sense.

[21:10] {MarkusEgger} I'd rather see a conference where the content management is done by experts,

[21:11] {MarkusEgger} than having a show where somebody does a great job considering their level of knowledge about a specific subject,

[21:11] {MarkusEgger} but it simply doesn't thrill the expert.

[21:11] {MarkusEgger} Regarding the schedule:

[21:11] {MarkusEgger} As far as I know, (Barry did the regular schedule), it has been finalized.

[21:11] {MarkusEgger} But here is the catch:

[21:12] {MarkusEgger} Unlike all other VFP shows, this conference also features additional shows such as C++, VB, SQL,...

[21:12] {MarkusEgger} We allow people to cross over into those conferences.

[21:12] {MarkusEgger} For this reason, everything has to be in synch.

[21:12] {MarkusEgger} After all, we don't want the VB guys go on a break 5 minutes before the VFP guys and eat all our ice-cream. < s >

[21:12] {CindyWinegarden} Yeah!

[21:13] {MarkusEgger} And there are some changes like that almost in the last minute, becuase MS may want to do a keynote that's 10 minutes longer,

[21:13] {MarkusEgger} or I would like to do the .NET day a bit longer, or things like that.

[21:13] {MarkusEgger} BTW: We are planning to make session planning quite a bit easier than other shows.

[21:14] {MarkusEgger} It is hard enough to find your way around at a VFP show and see all the sessions you would like to see.

[21:14] {MarkusEgger} But if there are several shows at once, you need some help on laying out your schedule.

[21:14] {RickBorup} amen

[21:14] {MarkusEgger} We are working on something that will help you with that (after all, unlike other conference organizers, we are developers < s >).

[21:14] {MarkusEgger} I can not tell you any more details yet, but expect to see something cool!

[21:15] {Jean-ReneRoy} Cool! :)

[21:15] {MarkusEgger} More questions anybody?

[21:15] {Jean-ReneRoy} Will there be a WebCast like last year?

[21:16] {MarkusEgger} Hmmm.....

[21:16] {Jean-ReneRoy} I whant one!

[21:16] {MarkusEgger} I don't know. I haven't heard that there would be,

[21:16] {MarkusEgger} but on the other hand, a lot of things changed lately.

[21:16] {Jean-ReneRoy} Can you check with Robert Green?

[21:17] {MarkusEgger} Do you guys know that this will be the official launch event for VFP7?

[21:17] {CindyWinegarden} Yeah - taking VFP7 out of .NET changes a LOT of things!

[21:17] {RickBorup} But, launch is not the same as release, right?

[21:17] {CindyWinegarden} So, Toronto is not "official?"

[21:17] {MarkusEgger} The thing is that a WebCast costs a lot of money.

[21:17] {CarlKarsten} any chance of getting some of the session notes days or weeks before the show?

[21:18] {Jean-ReneRoy} Have MS pay for it!

[21:18] {MarkusEgger} And we are wondering whether we should spend that on parties and t-shirts and CDs for people that actually go there, rather than spending it on people who stayed at home.

[21:18] {CarlKarsten} I realize that they don't all get turned in, but what ever is avlible would be nice to read ahead of time

[21:18] {MarkusEgger} Kind of seems like screwing the paying attendee.

[21:18] {CindyWinegarden} We should get something exclusive for our conference fees!

[21:18] {MarkusEgger} That's something you'd have to ask the logistics person.

[21:18] {MarkusEgger} Basically, people turn their notes in very late

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} (this includes myself < s >)

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} And we try to enable speakers to do so,

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} to ensure we have up-to-date materials.

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} So sending things to attendees ahead of time is not possible.

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} This leaves the web page. But usually, the last couple of weeks before a show,

[21:19] {MarkusEgger} everybody is already working 16 hour days, just to make the conference happen.

[21:20] {MarkusEgger} I think Suzanne would kill me if I wanted her to work on the web page on top of it.

[21:20] {MarkusEgger} Plus, speakers have a copyright on the materials that they basically "sell" to the conference,

[21:20] {MarkusEgger} and therefore, it can't be available publically.

[21:20] {MarkusEgger} So we'd have to set up a sophisticated system that only gives attendees access.

[21:21] {MarkusEgger} About Toronto:

[21:21] {MarkusEgger} I'm not exactly sure what they are going to do about VFP7 there.

[21:21] {MarkusEgger} What makes VFP DevCon Connections the official launch event is that

[21:21] {CarlKarsten} hmm, sounds tough - you know anyone that can do web things of that nature? ;)

[21:21] {CindyWinegarden} They are also supposedly a kickoff site.

[21:21] {MarkusEgger} at this event, VFP will be released.

[21:21] {ScottMinar} And from what I saw in last year's notes, many of the session slides really don't say a whole lot without the presenter....

[21:22] {CindyWinegarden} Scott, the papers should fill a lot of that in.

[21:22] {MarkusEgger} We are not sure at this point what that means exactly.

[21:22] {MarkusEgger} It could mean that VFP will be available then, or it could mean that it will be released to manufacturing,

[21:22] {MarkusEgger} or it could mean that we are very close to release,

[21:22] {MarkusEgger} (all of those are just my personal guess, BTW)

[21:22] {CindyWinegarden} Or the feature set finalized.

[21:23] {MarkusEgger} but either way: This event is where MS officially launches Visual FoxPro 7.

[21:23] {MarkusEgger} The featuer set has been finalized a looooong time ago. < s >

[21:23] {Jean-ReneRoy} Can you tell us about the beta 2?

[21:23] {MarkusEgger} VFP?

[21:24] {AlexFeldstein} Assuming Markus is in VFP-Beta2 then he is under NDA, so you shouldnt ask < g >

[21:24] {Jean-ReneRoy} Yes VFP Beta 2? What is new from beta 1?

[21:24] {MarkusEgger} I couldn't really talk about new features.

[21:24] {MarkusEgger} Obviously, it will be performance optimized and much more stable.

[21:25] {MarkusEgger} Also, I do not have beta2.

[21:25] {MarkusEgger} EPS is working with MS on some VFP features,

[21:25] {MarkusEgger} which means we are not really considered a beta site, and we get our stuff through other channels.

[21:25] {MarkusEgger} So for this reason, I do not know exactly what's in the beta or what's just internal, and so forth.

[21:25] {MarkusEgger} So I'd rather not say anything...< bg >

[21:26] {CindyWinegarden} Markus - like you ask a woman who has just given birth - would you (help) organize a conference again?

[21:26] {MarkusEgger} I like organizing stuff.

[21:26] {MarkusEgger} In fact, that's what we do with our Double Impact events, and some other events I have done in the past.

[21:26] {MarkusEgger} So yes, I would like to do more, and even get involved a bit more than we are right now.

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} On the other hand,

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} EPS is a rapidly growing company,

[21:27] {CindyWinegarden} Maybe you're just hooked on travel to nice places!

[21:27] {Jean-ReneRoy} Is EPS will work on future features for VFP 8?

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} and some people would say I should focus on that a bit more. < s >

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} Yeah, travel isn't bad either. < s >

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} But I could do that as a speaker. < s >

[21:27] {MarkusEgger} I'm not sure about VFP8.

[21:28] {MarkusEgger} We certainly hope MS will use us in the future.

[21:28] {MarkusEgger} But that's really up to them.

[21:28] {RickBorup} I have to sign off. I'm really looking forward to this conference and to seeing many of you there. Bye for now.

[21:28] {MarkusEgger} (If I tell you too much here today though, they might fire us...< s >)

[21:28] {CindyWinegarden} Rick - will be nice to meet you.

[21:29] {RickBorup} Yes, Cindy, you too.

[21:29] {MarkusEgger} Bye, Rick.

[21:30] {ScottMinar} A fair number of the sessions seem to be targeted toward .NET--Might this change, now, or are they unaffected by the change?

[21:30] {MarkusEgger} (We are looking for people, BTW...< s >)

[21:30] {MarkusEgger} Well, there si two days of just plain .NET from a VFP point of view.

[21:30] {MarkusEgger} We set aside a room just for that.

[21:30] {MarkusEgger} It is important for us though to keep the VFP part of the conference VFP specific.

[21:30] {MarkusEgger} None of that really changed based on the latest developments.

[21:31] {MarkusEgger} .NET is still important for VFP developers.

[21:31] {Jean-ReneRoy} Will double impact go on in 2001?

[21:31] {MarkusEgger} We have an event scheduled for Orlando.

[21:31] {MarkusEgger} This is going to be the last event for a little while.

[21:31] {Jean-ReneRoy} Any way we can see you in Montreal?

[21:31] {MarkusEgger} We'll see what we are going to do then.

[21:32] {MarkusEgger} We have not made a decission yet about the future.

[21:32] {MarkusEgger} We had many inquiries about events in Canada.

[21:32] {MarkusEgger} For this reason, we scheduled one in Toronto.

[21:32] {MarkusEgger} We expected a really good turn-out because all the previous events in the continental US were sold-out.

[21:32] {MarkusEgger} However, in Toronto we ended up cancelling the event due to a lack of signups.

[21:33] {MarkusEgger} So I'd say chances aren't all that great that we will try that again any time soon. < s >

[21:33] {MarkusEgger} But then again: Who knows?

[21:33] {Jean-ReneRoy} How about having you in Montreal speak at MFUG?

[21:34] {MarkusEgger} That's a possibility. I travel to lots of user groups.

[21:34] {Jean-ReneRoy} WE can make this a small vacantion for you!

[21:35] {MarkusEgger} < s >

[21:35] {MarkusEgger} How big is your group?

[21:35] {Jean-ReneRoy} Talk to Jim, Steven about what we can do for start speakers

[21:36] {MarkusEgger} Start speakers?

[21:36] {Jean-ReneRoy} We have 300 names in are database with 120 active members

[21:36] {MarkusEgger} How do you handle speaker travel?

[21:37] {MarkusEgger} Hmmmm..... < s >

[21:38] {Jean-ReneRoy} Star Speakers le you, Jim B., Steven Black, check this link (

[21:39] {MarkusEgger} Pretty impressive.

[21:39] {Jean-ReneRoy} We had Jim 3 times in Montreal at our cost! This is something we can talk about via email.

[21:40] {Jean-ReneRoy} I know Eldor be happy to see you in Montreal.

[21:40] {MarkusEgger} Sure, just send me an email, and perhaps we can arrange for something. I'd love to come...

[21:40] {Jean-ReneRoy} I will give you more details via Email. Will you be at foxteach?

[21:41] {MarkusEgger} No, unfortunately, I won't. I have already committed to speaking at XML Connections in New Orleans, when Val started to ask about Fox Teach speakers.

[21:41] {MarkusEgger} I really like that conference (it was the first English conference I spoke at), and I like Toronto for personal reasons (< s >).

[21:42] {MarkusEgger} but since there was a date-overlap, it wasn't possible.

[21:42] {Jean-ReneRoy} To bad.

[21:42] {MarkusEgger} Yeah. I hope to be back in the future though.

[21:43] {MarkusEgger} Do you guys know that by attending VFP DevCon Connections, you can also go to all the other shows that are running at the same time?

[21:43] {Jean-ReneRoy} I have to go, Thank you Markus for comming chat with us. UT like to have you in the chat room.

[21:44] {MarkusEgger} You are welcome. Bye.

[21:45] {MarkusEgger} Are there any other questions I can answer for you guys?

[21:45] {MarkusEgger} (If not, I'll come up with a sales-pitch! < s >)

[21:45] {CindyWinegarden} Sales!

[21:46] {AlexWieder} Hi Markus, How many people are attending Orlando?

[21:46] {MarkusEgger} I'm not sure, since I'm not involved into any of the logistics.

[21:46] {MarkusEgger} I think it will be similar to other large VFP shows.

[21:47] {MarkusEgger} The total crowd is going to be much bigger though, since it is several conferences at once.

[21:47] {AlexWieder} Perhaps this was answered before.. what other conferences are taking place at the same time?

[21:48] {MarkusEgger} VB Connections, C++ Connections and SQL Connections

[21:48] {MarkusEgger} The C++ one seems to be rather interesting, because this also includes C#.

[21:48] {EllenWhtiney} It's really cool with multiple shows going on at once. Not only from the obvious benefit that you can attend other sessions, but also it gives people the opportunity to "network" with some people outside the Fox community.

[21:49] {CindyWinegarden} Yeah - there won'd be enough hours in the day to take in all the other sessions.

[21:49] {MarkusEgger} Well, as long as you can plan well...< s >

[21:50] {MarkusEgger} (Which we will help you to do... see above)

[21:52] {MarkusEgger} OK, well, that's about all I got, unless there are more questions...

[21:52] {CindyWinegarden} Markus, thanks for coming!

[21:52] {CindyWinegarden} *** applause ***

[21:53] {ScottMinar} Yes, thanks!

[21:53] {MarkusEgger} Thanks. :-)

[21:54] {MarkusEgger} For those of you who want more information, check out Http:// and Http://

[21:56] {ScottMinar} Markus--are you involved in the HALPC VFP SIG?

[21:57] {MarkusEgger} I go there every now and then to speak. Basically, there is an EPS person at almost every VFP SIG. But we are not organizing it.

[21:59] {ScottMinar} Just wondering if you knew anythign about it. I live about an hour west of Houston and hadn't gotten a chance to check it out yet.

[21:59] {MarkusEgger} Where are you at exactly?

[21:59] {ScottMinar} Brenham (home of Blue Bell, of course :)---it's pretty much halfway between Houston and Austin

[22:00] {MarkusEgger} Looking for a job? < s >

[22:00] {ScottMinar} Hmm..... :)

[22:00] {MarkusEgger} Anyway: The local user group is pretty cool.

[22:00] {MarkusEgger} We send a lot of people there.

[22:01] {MarkusEgger} EPS has 4 people that speak at major conferences (and is likely to have more in the not too distant future).

[22:01] {MarkusEgger} So that makes some 20 different sessions we do throughout a year.

[22:01] {MarkusEgger} We practise many of them at the local SIGs.

[22:01] {CindyWinegarden} Markus - what is Travis speaking on in Orlando?

[22:02] {MarkusEgger} .NET Framework Classes

[22:02] {CindyWinegarden} Ah. Thanks.

[22:04] {MarkusEgger} Travis will also be in San Diego, BTW, and so will Dan (and Rick, of course). See everyone in Orlando!!

Session Close: Wed Mar 21 22:20:45 2001

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