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For the historical record, here's the text.

A group of VFP developers is now forming a trade association whose purpose is to advance the development of robust software systems using Visual FoxPro. Our web address is

This new organization has at its heart an interest in promoting the dissemination of information about VFP systems we've done, and increasing the presence of VFP developers in places where VFP isn't traditionally promoted. We're also planning to organize and fund a truly VFP-oriented marketing campaign to assist in the promotion of our software development work using Visual FoxPro.

At the moment, we are in the formation stage. The initial membership, which we're calling the "founding" members, is preparing and filing corporation documents, establishing the initial by-laws, and setting up the initial working committees.

We're updating the web site we go along, with whatever information we can make public. More will be public as the decisions are finalized. Please come back for a visit from time to time!
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