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VFP Function CDow

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Q. I have a question about your preferences for Wiki topi names for VFP commands and functions.

For commands, which style would you prefer?
VFP Function CDow()
...suggest something.

I would also like to see no frames here, so that the URL had the topic right in it. Thus, I could just modify the location in the browser to say ...wc.dll?wiki~VFPFunctionCDOW without having to go find a hyperlink to the function. In other words, I also hate frames. :) -- Randy Pearson
To see the Wiki without frames you can invoke it directly from, or simply shift-click any link to bring up the Wiki in a new browser.-- Steven Black
Number of votes for VFP Function CDow(): 7 (increment me!)
Number of votes for CDo W: 7,789,987,462.5 (increment me!) Alright who's stuffing the ballot box :-)
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