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VFP Function Sys 2336

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Can anyone find any documentation on this function? I was trying to see if it was scoped to a private datasession, so I could determine what an error handler could safely do, but nothing in help on it. The only notes of its existence I have are from the Calvin Hsia notes. -- Randy Pearson
Visual Studio 6, Service Pack 3, introduce the SYS(2336) function to be used in a Multi Threaded DLL to force a block of code to be executed as a group without a thread switch occurring. You must use this function in pairs:

SYS(2336,1) && enter block to keep together
Code Line 1
Code Line 2
SYS(2336,2) && end of block

This is sort of a nested concept, such that a count of depth is maintained by VFP. The above commands increment and decrement the count. To clear the count, which may be a good idea in an error handler, use SYS(2336,3).

[I don't know if there is any way to query the environment to see what the count is. Anybody???] -- Randy Pearson

-- This function is now documented in VFP 7.0 -- Bill Anderson
[2003.03.04 12:09:13 PM EST] Yes, it's there alright. Now, under what conditions in VFP would one need to use it? What commands/functions, under what circumstances, is it required to use SYS(2336)? -- Jim Nelson

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