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VFP Getting Your Wishes

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
How to get features implemented into a future version of Visual FoxPro.

To maximize the probability of a getting a particular new feature, the feature requires forethought and elucidation for its business case and its benefits to the product and its effect on the positioning of VFP.

In other words, you need a Use Case for it. Why should the Fox team throw scarce resources at this?
The least effective way of getting new features into the product is submitting just a list. At best this tends to produce the easiest, not necessarily the most important, new features.

Here are some questions to consider answering when elucidating the feature request document:
If you really need a feature, don't just throw it out there and hope it sticks. Consult with peers, elucidate the case for it, and present it formally. The FoxPro Wiki is an ideal place for this type of elucidation processes.

See Microsoft Feedback Center for VisualFoxPro

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