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I'm not sure about you guys, but I think this one is real ironic...

After I've seen the tribal counsel meet several times over the last couple of weeks, it looks to me like .NET makes a lot of sense and will be a great tool.

But have you heard anything about migration strategies?

Looks to me like VB people can kiss their current code good bye! Looks to me like there is no J++ in the box! Looks to me like C# is a brand new language! Looks to me like the only code currently in existence (for VS members that is) that will migrate into the .NET area is VFP code...
-- MarkusEgger

C++ developers can still do their own C++ thing, but to use .NET, they will have to write "managed" code. Not sure how much of a change that will be though since I haven't looked into that at all. -- MarkusEgger
Once again I must demonstrate my ignorance. Why will VB developers not be able to simply recompile existing code? - Zahid Ali
Nope. They will have to very carefully look at the implementation and architecture of every application; the larger the app the larger the concern. No default property values, differences in the way objects are terminated, redefined data types, and a host of other issues. In fact, how VB utilizes system resources changes a lot and complex apps may have to be completely re-engineered. -- John Koziol
After taking it on the chin from the VB folks for the last few years, it sure will be entertaining to see the great wailing and gnashing of teeth in their camp once this launches. -- John Koziol

When FoxPro moved from FPW to VFP, a lot of folks were left behind. That made FoxPro appear to decline in popularity. As VB moves from VB6 to VB.NET I think we'll see the same thing. The high-end developers will all learn the new paradigm and the others will stay in VB6 or drop out. -- Cindy Winegarden

Yeah, Cindy, but drop out to what? -- Alex Feldstein

Also, Cindy, VFP was still backwards compatible with FPW. On top of that, many times, the people that make the descions on what platform to move to are the pointy haired bosses, I can see it now: "Of course we can't stay in VB6, VB.NET is newew and has a nicer ring to it. Would Microsoft really sell it if it was so bad"? -- Mike Helland
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