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VFP Not Alone In Its Box

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Now that VFP has its own box, some fellows are giving great ideas to help filling it. Please, see thread openned by Jim Nelson at UT (Title: SQL 2000 should come in the VFP 7 box Thread #496651 Message #496651 - 18/04/2001 10:28:19). -- Fernando Alvares
MS has stated now that MSDE will ship in the same box with VFP7. -- Craig Berntson

MSDE, being SQL Server 7.0 compatible, or SQL Server 2000 compatible?

MSDE is what was said on the UT, which is were I saw this. My SWAG is that it will be SQL Server 2000, Developer Edition. -- Craig Berntson
Why stop there? If it is going to be cut loose from Visual Studio, we should have all of the tools necessary to build and maintain applications. VSS should also be part of the package, or at least part of a "VFP Enterprise Edition", as well as documentation tools. -- Dan LeClair
I've sometimes wondered if MS can/would negotiate with 3rd party tool vendors to include either a full or "lite" version in the VFP box. Product examples might be Stonefield Database Toolkit, Steven Black's INTL, maybe even a commercial framework. Or how about .CHM versions of Hack Fox or 1001 Tips from Hentzenwerke? -- Al Doman
While that would be cool, it would be too easy for a third-party company to accuse them of playing favorites. -- Dan LeClair
What more we wish in the box?
  1. VSS (Visual Source Safe)
  2. Personal Oracle so the 2 major DBs will be available for development. (This isn't going to happen. No way MS will ship Oracle.) Whether it's going to happen or not does not make it a wish or not. All that is above is "What more we wish in the box", not "I'm gonna kibosh someone's wish cause I don't think it will happen. Just being fair -- Mike Helland
  3. Crystal Reports (at least the same version that will ship with
  4. Visio - a version that will make a printout of my dbc and SQL Scheama - especially a tiled version so I can wallpaper my office and be able to follow the relation lines between two tables.
  5. xCase - Demo version would be fine.
  6. All of the ActiveX controls formerly available in VS 6 box.
  7. All of the ActiveX controls that MS 'includes' with their development environments (C++, etc.)
  8. Visual Modeler.
  9. A subscription to at least the MSDN library, with a very large discount for the Universal.
  10. MSDN Library When I bought VFP6 there was a copy of the MSDN Library included in the box. MS often runs "specials" on MSDN Library subscriptions, but it's all online anyways. -- Cindy Winegarden
  11. limited versions of OS's so we can test.
  12. limited versions of Office so we can do automation. Not really sure what a limted version of Word would look like....
I think that you need to be careful what you wish for here. If you want the full development suite (along with OS, Server and Office apps) then pay for MSDN Universal. If you only want VFP, you don't want to be paying for the whole enchilada. I do agree with the requirement for the ActiveX controls though. -- Andrew Coates
What MS has said will be in the box
  1. VFP 7.0 (Whew! That's a relief).
  2. MSDE
  3. InstallShield Express Limited, Visual FoxPro Edition (see more about it)
  4. Marketing Literature (junk mail)

Proposed Enterprise Version
  1. VFP 7.0 (Whew! That's a relief).
  2. MSDE (SQL 2000 Developer/Personal is differnt from MSDE)
  3. InstallShield Express Limited, Visual FoxPro Edition (see more about it)
  4. MSDN Library (1-year subscription)
  5. Visual Source Safe
  6. Visual Modeler
  7. Crystal Reports for VFP
  8. Marketing Literature (junk mail)
How about getting MSDN Universal instead and you'll get everything you could possibly want and more. Bundling all this crap with VFP will just make it more expensive, when most people who need it will get MDSN or VS.NET anyways, so we'll be getting hit twice it. IMO, VFP should ship alone, and a free tool to deploy it. -- Mike Helland
Because of the cost, maybe? Lowering the entry-level pricepoint on VFP would encourage more folks to give it a test drive. -- Dan LeClair
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