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Vfp Regex Tool

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
vfpRegexTool is an open source vfpX project.
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It allows you to test regular expressions in VFP using vbscript.regexp.

Set a text snippet,your regular expression and select
case sensitive and global options to see the matches
highlighted and match / submatch results as you type.

Main features:
Group Captures indicated with underline, soubgroup match highlighted in different colours
Real-Time Regex Evaluation as you type
Allows you to save / load your regexp with associated text & help
Buttons for copy/clip regexp & sample text
Preloaded with some regex samples for you to test
RegEx Title toggles Green/Red background indicating regexp is Ok/Invalid
Result Title toggles Green/Red background indicating Match/no-Match
Replace match or selected captured group with any valid vfp expression
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