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VFP Revolutions - New Open Letterto Microsoft

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
For all Visual FoxPro Developers community

Although we sometimes have small waves of job offers arise for Visual FoxPro Developers, we have perceived en recent years that there has been a great reduction in job offers or projects that are based in VFP, the worldwide Corporate context, and this disturbs us.

We believe in the freedom of thought and choice and in doing things for the pleasure of living.

Certainly as a Smart Fox and not an Ostrich, you should be aware of the facts and know that were directly affected by Microsoft’s marketing policies over the years, as regards our preferred software development tool.

Sweeping the dirt under the carpet, or minimizing the facts does not make the problem go away. We prefer to be aware and conscious of the problems.

Many Visual FoxPro Developers have made an effort to expand our market and to better represent Visual FoxPro as a superior development tool; these efforts have had interesting effects, however small in scale. If you compare how it was with CLIPPER years ago, you can see that Visual FoxPro has far exceeded anything CLIPPER developers ever dreamed of.

To accept the facts and things as they are and remain passive is an action that only the weak tolerate. The action we are asking by each person signing the letter is to raise your voice through this letter to Microsoft. This is an action of dignity for us and our fellow FoxPro developers.

This movement of VFP Developers comes as a means of satisfying the need to market ourselves, that we may prosper. We cannot accept that the companies throughout the world would not want to use Visual FoxPro if it were properly demonstrated to them. The recent enhancements to and performance of Visual FoxPro as a high quality database development tool cannot be ignored.

So, if you are feeling a little uncomfortable while your investment in training time, dollars and experience are not considered and your quality of life is being affected in some way, please join us. We desire to do something while there is still time

Go to: website and become aware of this movement and let others know.

One last remark: Please don’t forget to write in your comments on the web site when registering and if possible publish this URL for other VFP Developers.

Best regards,

VFP Revolution Movement Team.
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