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VFP Runtime DLLConcordance

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Is there any official documentation regarding a VFP runtime DLL concordance? What I mean by concordance in this context is a list of OPERATING SYSTEM DLLs and minimum versions required in order for a specific version (and service pack) of VFP to execute properly. By OPERATING SYSTEM DLLs I mean the foundation of DLL's necessary in order for the VFP runtime environment to operate as expected.

Having such a list of OPERATING SYSTEM DLL dependencies would be a great tool for diagnosing problems at customer sites.

I'm not talking about VFP runtime files which are documented in the following topics:
For VFP 7 see VFP 7 Runtime Files
For VFP 8 see VFP 8 Runtime Files
For VFP 9 see VFP 9 Runtime Files

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