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VFPS: Visual FoxPro Stack

Refer to intitial VFPS article by Ken Levy at, click on Visual FoxPro Stack on the left navigation column.

VFPS is a Visual FoxPro Stack, an acronym used to define the key software components making up the Visual FoxPro platform and ecosystem. As a starting point, below is a list of components that comprise VFPS:

Visual FoxPro 9.0, Sedna and XSource, VFPX, VFPY. Also included are VFP 3rd Party products including tools related to .NET for Visual FoxPro such as VFP Studio, Guineu, .NET Extender for VFP, VFPCompiler for .NET, and VFPConversion.
I would suggest a catchier name for the VFP solution stack. How about:

W - windows OS
A - ActiveVFP web scripting (and/or ASP.NET or ASP)
I - IIS web server
F - Foxpro programming language and database

OMG, I looked up the meaning of WAIF and it fits Visual Foxpro to a tee!!!:
"The word waif (from the Old French guaif, stray beast)[1] refers to a living creature removed, by hardship, loss or other helpless circumstance, from his or her original surroundings. The most common usage is to designate a homeless, forsaken or orphaned child, or someone whose appearance is evocative of same." In our case foxpro is the WAIF outcast by Microsoft! Appropriate?

Here's what some of the ones from the Open Source world look like:
"One of the many possible solution stacks available is LAMP:
In the Erlang world, there is also the LYME stack of:

I like Ken's idea a lot. However, it looks like he wants to include everything under the sun related to VFP in the Foxpro solution stack.. Ideally, all open source VFP code projects would be included in it (or the most popular ones) or,at a minimum, they should be free. This just goes along with the Open Source principles of LAMP, etc.
When you start including things like VFPconversion in it, it's kind of a self-defeating idea and not a solution at all. iow, I think it should make it less confusing to implement a solution and not more confusing by throwing in options that don't even use VFP code...
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