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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Here are three software marketing approaches, compared and contrasted.
Shrink Wrap Vertical Market Custom or Turn Key
May be used differently depending on the customer. This implies flexiblity to meet individual needs. All users in similar industries, or in industries with similarly configured Value Chains. Most use the software in similar ways. Static set of users. All use the software the same way.
Functionality driven by market. Functionality driven by needs of industries or segments thereof. Functionality largely driven by process or other sustainable competitive advantage needs.
Functionality decisions made by software company. Functionality decisions made by Users from an industry. Functionality decisions made by User's company.
Development cycle typically long, and is release based. Development cycle typically shorter, driven by customer demand within industries. Incremental Development cycle involving one customer.

Commercially available shrink wrapped applications developed in VFP:
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Smaller specialty applications, perhaps Vertical Market or Turn Key, written in FoxPro:
FoxPro 2.6 apps that are still in use:
Doesn't West Wind have a web store?
Web-connect doesn't count because is a developer tool and not an end user product, right?
Not so sure here. It is not targeted to the public at large but to a set of developers that want to buy the tool. e.g. How would you consider the commercially available (and even shrinkwrapped) sets of ActiveX Controls or maybe programmers editors sold at places like Programmer's Paradise? Wouldn't it be the same case? (same with EPS VooDoo Web Controls or FEC Controls). -- Alex Feldstein
F 1 is marketing Full Contact as a tool, but I thought that it included a Contact Management system out of the box.
My app is not boxed or wrapped in plastic and Best Buy or Comp USA is the last place you would find it. I sell one-at-a-time to customers (private schools) who have heard about it by word-of-mouth or to those who found my website via a search engine or a link. I guess it is a 'vertical market application'. Can I list it here? R Bosma
Yes. (see top.)
Can anyone confirm that the Weight Watchers Pure Points™ CD-ROM is written using a VFP (or FP) back-end? It looks like the tables are vanilla Fox tables. The interface looks like it's done with Flash or one of those authoring packages. -- Andrew Coates
See also Application Cross Reference
Category Needs Refactoring - Most of the applications listed here appear to be Vertical Market or Custom / Turn Key. Opinion: the Application Cross Reference and VFPShrink Wrap pages should be merged and called VFPApplications, and that page should have three (or more) sections. -- Randy Bosma
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See also: Shrink Wrap, Vertical Market, Turn Key
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