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Visual FoxPro Success Stories

This page presents a list of Corporate or Business Success Stories. (New Stories at the Top)
Purpose of This Page

Presenting outstanding case studies we will be leveraging VFP as a product and its developer community as professionals, by showing how the strengths of VFP can be used to develop great solutions. The examples herein can represent bigsized solutions, innovative in the technology used, creative in implementation, usefull by the subject in focus, etc.

Programmers don't like to document, perhaps we'll face some resistance to get the contributions. So, if there isn't a link to a web page describing the solution you want to mention, that's not a problem, just write an abstract of it and later, if you have some time (or will), create a topic and describe it all (or even ask someone's help).

Feel free to join us and bring your knowledge to this page. The content of the story is what matters not beautifull words describing it. If you just have a suggested story, you would like to know about, go ahead and ask for it. "It never hurts to ask" :)
The free accounts system Adminsoft Accounts was originally developed in VFP 6, and released in December 2006. As of January 2012 it's in VFP 9, and has been downloaded over 85,000 times. A book called 'Free Accounting with Free Software' has been writen about it. Published by Skylark Publications, author Yogesh Patel.

For more information check out Adminsoft Accounts
John Harvey writes in his blog here about crimefighting software in Memphis, Tennessee.
Encorra, by Orion Group Software Engineers

Software for ethanol producers. Technologies include VFP9, Visual FoxExpress 2006, SQL Server 2000, XFRX Reporting, Integration with SysPro Financials, touch-screen interface for grading and receiving, truck scale integration, multi-media support with automated email, fax, etc.

See full story at:
Contribution: Randy Jean
VFP-Based Extranet System wins Technology Award
Over the last 2.5 years, our company, The Intellection Group ( ), has worked with a particular client in building a complex extranet system using our VFP-based technology framework.

Last Friday, October 13, 2006, this same client received an important award from the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), beating out over 50 other nominees, for "innovative use of technology" by a "tech-enabled" company. The award ceremony was held at the posh Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead (Atlanta) in front of an audience of almost 400. Matthew Szulik, chief executive officer of Red Hat, was the keynote speaker. Marc Fleury, chief executive officer of JBOSS (a recent Red Hat acquisition), was chairperson of the event.

The complete press release is at
From their web site
AS/AP™ Apparel Accounting, Manufacturing, and Distribution Software is a totally integrated, modular Windows-based system, available in your choice of Visual FoxPro or SQL Server. With over 300 apparel, textile, and sewn products clients dating back to 1983, AS/AP™ Apparel Software is the leader in the sewn products and apparel software arena.

The first FoxPro® DOS version of AS/AP™ was released in March, 1991. After beta testing FoxPro® for Windows® for Microsoft we released our first true Windows version of AS/AP™ (FoxPro® version 2.6a) in 1995. Today AS/AP™ is developed in Visual FoxPro 8.0® and Microsoft SQL Server. These two applications provide AS/AP™ and its customers with the most powerful and cost effective system on the market, helping grow your business and keep you ahead of the game.
VFP Software Wins Microsoft's Start Something Amazing Award
I would like to pass on a success story for Visual Foxpro. One of my customers won Microsoft's Start Something Amazing Contest using my software which was developed in Visual Foxpro. Bill Gates himself got a first hand look at this program on the 10th of this month while congratulating the winner.

Here is the contest winner and the video that was featured on's website.

If you are interested, here is the link::

Then click on "watch video" to see a 2 minute Microsoft interview with a 15 year girl who uses my software (called Crew Chief Pro) to help her compete in the sport of Drag Racing.

This young woman will appear in national advertising for Microsoft and my software will appear with her!

Don Higgins
Crew Chief Pro Drag Racing Software
Central PA VFP User Group Success Stories

LifeTRAC Technologies

LifeTrac is a state-of-the art Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer system that coordinates trauma and stroke resources and facilities for an entire city or region.
  • The system runs 24x7x365. It was originaly in VFP alone. The latest version, LifeTrac (tm) 3.0, uses VFP, MSDE and SQL Server 2000 running on Windows 2000 workstations and servers.
  • The original system was deployed in 1996 and has assisted over 13,000 severe trauma patients. A February 2002 study in "The American Surgeon" showed that this trauma system (which uses this applciation as its technoligcal core) has helped decrease patient mortality by 40%!
  • The homeland defense capabilities were added this year. The U.S. Army has told us this is the first system that they've seen that could help tie local, state, federal and military together

    LifeTrac™ Summary Sheet

    LifeTrac™ is an emergency medical, multi-hospital computer system developed by Forté Incorporated and available through its sister company, LifeTrac Technologies. LifeTrac has five major features, which may be activated together or in selected groups, all of which use the same proven core software and communication technology to save lives by saving time.

    Biological/Chemical Surveillance and Response:This component uses LifeTrac technology to assist in the early detection of dangerous biological and chemical events.

  • Detects irregular hospital diversion patterns – whether from natural phenomena, accidents or biological or chemical terrorism.
  • Does not require routine additional information reporting from already understaffed medical facilities.
  • The system is not dependent on an exact patient diagnosis or specific identification of the agent.
  • Capable of supplementing existing or new Metropolitan Medical Response Systems (a program developed by Health and Human Services Office of Emergency Preparedness) and other systems.
    Hospital Divert Communication: This component uses the LifeTrac infrastructure to better communicate various categories of hospital divert status information.

  • Streamlines divert change information between hospitals and EMS. Provides system-wide tracking of divert patterns and trends.
  • More reliable than comparable systems that rely solely on the Internet.
    Trauma Routing: This system picks up where 911 service stops, helping paramedics get trauma patients to the most appropriate and immediately available emergency room in the fastest-possible way.

  • This LifeTrac system component has been in 24 x 7 x 365 operation since October 1996 in the Birmingham, Alabama, metro area.
  • This component is the subject of a study published in February in the journal The American Surgeon. This study indicated that LifeTrac played a significant role in reducing severe trauma mortality by more than 40% in metro Birmingham while saving the study hospital over $1.3 million annually (including $1.2 million in hard dollars).
  • To date, LifeTrac has successfully assisted with more than 13,000 trauma patients in the six-county metro Birmingham area.
    Stroke Routing: Working similarly to the Trauma Component, the LifeTrac Stroke Component has already been in operation for more than a year in Birmingham.

  • The component helps paramedics get stroke victims to the nearest available hospital in time for patients to be treated with revolutionary new medication to limit the stroke’s damaging effect.
  • This component has the potential to have an even bigger impact on mortality and patient recovery than the Trauma product produces due to advances such as tPA and other medications that require rapid hospital care.
    Mass Casualty: Using the same underlying technology as the Trauma Component to provide support for multiple incidents with a large number of patients.

  • Mass Casualty helps to intelligently distribute patients to multiple hospitals, preventing overload at the emergency departments located nearest a mass casualty incident.
  • Helps ensure that more patients rapidly receive proper care.
    LifeTrac. With life, every seconds counts.™

    Poor Samaritarian / Germany HANDLING ONE MILLION MEMBERS (by
    You all have heard about the "Poor Samaritarian"? In Germany, this is the second largest social organisation, (Red Cross = #1).
    This organisation has now one million members, who finance the work of the "Arbeiter Samariter Bund" with their monetary contributions. A lot of work to administrate...
    It takes 10 desk clerks to handle change of contribution amount, joining of new members, changing the adresses, the names (after marriage), sending a requested receipt and so on. - Up to 1998 this was handled by a software written in COBOL, running on hugh BULL-machines. Then the time came to re-engineer the whole software system. After checking two other DBMS-Systems the people in Cologne decided to use Visual FoxPro (5.0 at that time). We met a lot of resistance by the "upper management", as they did not trust that "never heard about" language.
    Successfully running ever since, we had to "re-index" twice in all these years. Number of members has exceeded one million by now, some tables are carrying more than three million entries. Stability is EXCELLENT (also thanks to us developers ;-)
    Contribution: Hans Beyhs

    Opera / Operations
    Software suit written in England by Pegasus software.
    Opera (the financials part of the suit) has around 20,000 business users in the uk.

    TotalHR 4.0 SQL is released!

    It isn't stated in the press release, but this is a VFP application written with the Visual FoxExpress framework using a SQLServer database.
    Grand Eagle Services Dispatch Board
    Before launching the VFP application, service calls were scheduled by hand on magnetic whiteboards, which could display two weeks of service calls. Service calls scheduled more than two weeks in advance required that the service manager pull out a second whiteboard so that scheduled jobs would not be forgotten. This web-based Dispatch Board (written in VFP) eliminates the double hand entry illustrated above.

    Grand Eagle is North America's largest independent supplier of comprehensive motor, switchgear and transformer services.
    See case study at:
    Contribution: Randy Bosma

    Heart - Profit: Visual FoxPro ERP Package, by Peter Stordiau

    Success stories are not too difficult to create, once you do your job well and use the proper techniques. For us this is VFP starting from FoxBase somewhere back in time.
    And yes, so far so good, as long as VFP remains. And if not, let MS feel free to offer the VFP-development department to us;
    Heart - Profit might be one of the very few ERP-apps written in VFP, so not only we depend on VFP, but our clients do too. In the end, a success is only that, if it remains.
    Anyhow, if ERP in VFP exists, Heart - Profit for sure is the biggest one, and whether this implies that it is the largest VFP-app ? probably not (5 M lines of code), but this is not what it is about. What is, is the opportunity VFP gives us, and with that, our clients;

    The policy we adopted from the beginning, is that all client-needs were normalized in such manner, that they became suitable for the "package". Hence, where package means package, de functionality should be general for any application, no matter how specific is seems (before normalization). In the end, this created the functionality of Heart - Profit, with maybe a basis we created ourselves.
    This all is the main reason for having only "strange businesses" as clients, because everybody gets wat he wants, no matter what. New releases are present everyday, believe it or not. If one client really wants e new release each day ? it's ok with us. Just download an upgrade once more, and for sure you'll find yourself with about 10 new functionalities and a dozen amended ones. And no, they don't bother you if you don't want to use them.

    The very main reason however, of meeting businesses who them self thought "we're not ERP-like but need so much" is the structure of the "Item" (product) which is in dimensions. Thus, no Item Number only, but parallelly existing stuff like Appearance Form (for process usually used as packing-form like can etc.), the (momentary) content of it, and other self-created feautures as length, width, height (plate-material), all attributing to the key of the product. It's simple : any business which sees herself confronted with too many Items and Formulas (recipies) thinking of hundreds of thousands, an therefore unmaintainable, now may end up with a few thousand or even much less, depending on the specific situation.
    For those who are interesterested (and have feeling with the stuff) : try to think of the Formula's (recipies) not having any packing-material in them, therefore eliminating thousands of "end-products" since the product to produce is the same product to deliver, only having other "dimensions". Confused ? no problem, because that's our job. If you only know that the normal demand is created on packing material etc. even if it's not in the Formulas.

    Heart - Profit is 100 % suitable for process- and discrete implementations, where this may be a mix in one implementation too (try extrusion). This, because the parameters used on this are normally app-driven, whereas Heart - Profit has this product-driven. And that's where it should be. All together this has led to implementations in really any line of business, which is rather rare for an ERP-package.

    Our idea : think differently from the others, don't read any books but keep in good touch with your clients, and do what they wish. No, indeed not the normal attitude of a package-builder, and maybe unachievable to many of you. But if you did, you sit back and wait for strangers bringing you money. And no, it's not about the latter, but more about the first : sitting back, and in the meanwhile thinking of how to improve.
    And yes, crazy fellows here, just not too freaky, who do what they like.

    Note : you won't find this all back at our website, which for sure is not representative for what we've done so far. our opinion : first the product itself, and then the commercial stuff. For us this worked fine soo far with a gross margin that others for sure haven't in our line of business.

    But to end where I started, it's all VFP doing the real job. I wonder whether MS realizes the technical possibilities themselves. O yes, the development-department of VFP will;
    Maybe MS is working right now on a strategical plan to move VFP away from earth;
    just promote VFP even less as the last years, and in the end there's nobody left to complain if rumours get about that it's disappearing. Mind you, if we hadn't done that already for so many years, would it be still here ?

    See live at: (Holland)
    Contribution: Peter Stordiau
    Pep Boys -- Okay, it's not as exciting as the US Military's use, but I couldn't help but notice the little fox icon in the corner of the POS window on the monitor at Pep Boys checkout line. I remember it was there a couple of years ago with Windows 3.1 (or maybe NT 3.5) window features, and now it is the same screen but with Windows 95 style windows (but I'm not sure if I saw the Fox icon the last time), and I've seen it in PA and in FL... so my conclusion is that the entire chain of Pep Boys Automotive stores must be using a VFP v3 (maybe upgraded to 5 or 6) POS system. Is there anybody out there that knows the whole store? -- wgcs
    U.S. Military's Secret Weapon -- Visual FoxPro!, by Mac Rubel

    At the end of September 1992, a man named Brian Jones stepped up to the podium at the Phoenix FoxPro Developers' Convention and, in very soft, almost self-deprecating, tones, started talking about some modeling software that his group had built using FoxPro to run simulations on troop movements for the military (JFAST -- Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation). An hour and a half later, seven or eight hundred FoxPro developers walked out of the room with their mouths open, talking to themselves. They immediately told the rest of the conference attendees what they had missed, and the following day a repeat performance was given. This time, there were probably a thousand people in the room -- the seven or eight hundred who had missed the first show, plus a goodly number of people who came back just to try to absorb more of what was being shown to them.

    The "Legend of Desert Storm" was born and people, from BillGates and Dave Fulton down to the individual FoxPro programmer, had to change their view of exactly what FoxPro's capabilities were.

    See story at:
    Contribution: Fernando Alvares

    Is JFast still alive? Anyone have actual information about JFast? -- Ricardo Garcia
    You bet! See for starters. It's now also used in Norway. -- wOOdy
    The Euro Tunnel - Large Data Sets in Practice (The Ultimate Power & Speed of VFP), by Val Matison

    Many of the techniques discussed in this article were used to handle the largest amount of data managed by a single FoxPro application in the world. That application manages data at the Euro Tunnel, the underwater passageway between England and France. The requirements for that application were fast data access, ability to interface with other systems, stability, maintainability, and management of 128GB of data.

    The decision to use a FoxPro-based solution was made because the overall system requirements could be met, an application could be developed at a reasonable cost, and the application could be delivered on time (there were very large financial penalties involved for late delivery). In fact, the time element was critical, since the decision to implement this system was made late in the game, and there wasn't a great of deal of time for development, interfacing, testing, implementation, and training. Shipping is a bonus!

    See story at:
    Contribution: Fernando Alvares
    DocPro!, by Orion Group Software Engineers

    High volume, mortgage assignment and satisfaction document production and tracking system. Integrates with Word, Excel. Barcode recognition to handle receipt and tracking of recorded documents. Viewing of scanned images. Customer web access to tracking information and scanned images.

    Docpro is now running under VFP7 and Visual FoxExpress 7 using SQLServer 2000 as the database. (Previously was VFP6, VFE5.5 and VFP data using local views) I must say the performance gains are INCREDIBLE and way beyond what I thought they would be! I'm talking ALL areas of the system - OLTP and OLAP. (Especially OLAP!) We had reports that ran 5-10 minutes that now come back in less than 2 seconds. (The index tuning wizard in SQL is way too cool) Running this version over a WAN/VPN is faster than the old version ran on a 100MB LAN! Even though when using VFP data we had taken great pains to create the proper indexes for optimization, etc., it didn't come close to running under SQL Server. I'm sure had we NOT used a client/server methodology in the original version and stuck with xBase style data access (ie. sequential access, seek/scan, etc.) vs. using local views and SQL syntax for everything, we could have eeked out better performance. However, this would have made the re-engineering project take a year vs. the 2 1/2 months it actually took us. We knew when we developed the original application that the client would outgrow the VFP database in a few years. I don't mean to slam using VFP as a database engine. We still do for many clients that are not processing this volume of data with as many users. The VFP/VFE combination allows us to create software that is way beyond what I ever thought would be possible in an amazingly short amount of time and allows us to choose the appropriate database for the job.

    (of course, running SQL Server on a 2.2GHz P4 w/2Gig of RAM doesn't hurt performance either )

    DocPro has been running under VFP8 and VFE 7.5 since June of 2003. We also starting to deploy XML Web services using existing business objects of the application which will allow Orion Financial's customers to add lien release information and upload source document images within the same method call. Also, they will be able to write their own web based or fat client front-ends for requesting and displaying document status.

    See story at:
    Contribution: Randy Jean
    Activex Adventures by David Griebel

    "...application for the Capital Markets group of First Union National Bank. The System underwrites and evaluates large portfolios of investment grade mortgages against standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    See story at: Foxpro Advisor, August 2000 p.14
    Contribution: Michael Chean
    Domains: Category Application Banking Category Application Investment
    Visual Foxpro: The Perfect Corporate Reporting Engine, by Joe Moraca

    Combine tables in different formats, analyze large amounts of data, and produce terrific reports. Here's how one marketing professional discovered VFP as the ideal tool to make his job easier.

    "Visual FoxPro has been a real database workhorse for my company. We've set up the basis for a very useful data warehouse, including several reporting and visualization tools. In this article, I'll explain how VFP has helped my company, and how it might be able to help you."

    See story at:
    Contribution: Michael Chean
    Surplus Software, Inc. Integrating Microsoft Visual FoxPro and the Web, by ?Microsoft

    Surplus Software, established in 1992, sells refurbished computer hardware and previous-version software. Located in Oregon's beautiful Columbia Gorge, in the town of Hood River, Surplus Software isn't your average mail order business. Because of its remote location, the company relies on telecommunications and its print catalog as links to its customers. While Surplus Software does very well as a conventional mail order business, the recent move to the World Wide Web delivered a whole new customer opportunity.

    This was one of the first sites to use VFP as a truly industrial strength Internet database Server. This site is written using VFP and West Winds Web Connect product. VFP is handling around 300,000 database hits/day! These are requests that are processed by VFP, not just downloading of images. It uses VFP running as an OLE Server. (From Boston Area Foxpro Users Group)

    See story at:
    See live at:
    Contribution: Fernando Alvares
    Florida Engineering Management Corp.

    All billing, complaint tracking, compliance issues, and licensing of professional engineers in the State of Florida is done by a Visual FoxPro 6.0 application. This application is so successful that it is being considered for other state licensing boards as they are privatized. I created the application in 1998 but it has been enhanced and maintained since then by JohnHoover of Shepherd Software, Inc., Tallahassee.

    See story at:
    Contribution: John Koziol
    Virginia Mason Medical Center, by ?Microsoft

    Virginia Mason Medical Center (VMMC) has entered into an array of managed care contracts with third party payors (typically health insurance companies) to provide healthcare services for patient populations. VMMC uses Visual FoxPro to query claims datasets and to identify duplicate and excessive payments. The ability of Visual FoxPro to perform high speed queries against large amounts of claims data has enabled VMMC to efficiently guard against overpayments.

    See story at:
    Contribution: Fernando Alvares
    HO Sports, Inc., by ?Microsoft

    HO Sports is the world’s largest manufacturer of waterskis and wakeboard products. Their traveling sales representatives use laptops with Windows 95 and a Visual FoxPro 5.0 based remote order and account management application. The sales reps keep in constant contact with the home office and can get and share information while they are on the road 24 hours a day. When orders are created they are emailed to the home office which also sends order information back to the sales person. This allows the sales reps to provide excellent customer service and build better relationships with HO’s customers.

    See story at: (takes a while to load)
    Contribution: Fernando Alvares

    Stories We'd Like to Hear About

    [2001.04.13] Reference taken from a discussion on the Universal Thread
    The Buddy System®
    The Buddy System® is a hybrid software package used to identify and deal with system or project risks. It offers both qualitative and quantitative Risk Analysis and Reporting of information or physical security in virtually any environment.

    Alliance MRP
    According to the poster the MRP package is written in VFP.
    Alliance MRP software is a robust, full-strength system based on the APICS MRP II model.
    Its intelligent mixed-mode manufacturing capability offers unparalleled flexibility. This agile system supports a variety of manufacturing modes and combinations including make-to-stock, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order.

    Their new URL is:

    The largest mailorder contact company in the US uses VFP against SQL Server backend at their corporate offices in Salt Lake City.

    Visual CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
    This is a 911 dispatch application written in VFP by OSS in Greensboro, NC. It is a past winner of the Visual FoxPro Excellence Awards.

    March of Dimes - California Birth Defects Monitoring Program
    Taken from A story we'd like to hear, and a problem we'd like to have solved! see
    We are the (March of Dimes) California Birth Defects Monitoring Program a non-profit organization that offers a diverse team atmosphere that will allow you to become familliar with complex epidemiological study data as we work on discovering the causes of birth defects.,
    Michael Chean

    Datek - Bigthink
    Datek is an industry leader and one of the fastest growing providers of online brokerage services. Don't know what they are doing, but the [email protected] page advertises for a senior Database developer in Visual Foxpro. This was gleaned from the job description:
    A critical factor in our success has been the development of fast, effective, and easy-to-use online financial products that let our customers interact directly with the stock market. Its all fueled by a scaleable, fault tolerant family of distributed services. Our mission statement: to empower the individual investor through technology...Design, develop, and deploy software to achieve robust and seamless web-based integration between Datek Online and external partners, including securities firms, web portals, market data providers and other 3rd party services.
    Michael Chean

    We have 30 client-server apps running on a WAN/LAN between numerous major American cities, with SQL Server 7.0 using Merge Replication as a backup strategy. We are rolling out new apps on a monthly basis. We will be starting an OLAP initiative, with VFP as the front end generator, creating Dynamic HTML with West Wind. Last week, we merged with our sister company, making us a $4 Billion mortgage corporation. -- JohnBaerg

    I serve as a Programmer Analyst at a medical manufacturing company. The company puts a lot of emphasis on using Excel spreadsheets for statistical analysis. I use Cognos Impromptu to pull data from Oracle to produce various reports. I've done a lot to automate the process, too. However, there are frequent needs for spreadsheets that Impromptu cannot produce. Using FoxPro, I can read in data exported from Impromptu, and then automate the production of Excel spreadsheets, complete with final formatting that's ready to print. --- Our sales force uses Microsoft Outlook's contact manager to maintain their customer data. For a while, they were updating everything manually. So, I extracted the customer data from Oracle, and used FoxPro to load it into an Excel spreadsheet. I wrote a macro in Excel to automate the updating of the Outlook contact data, which is included in the spreadsheet that FoxPro creates. Then, FoxPro automatically sends the spreadsheets to the sales reps, as an attachment. All the reps need to do is open the attachment and their contact data is updated for them. -- Michael Reynolds


    Here is a place for us to list our success stories using VFP. I am thinking of things such as the story in the Foxpro Advisor March 2001 entitled Visual Foxpro: The Perfect Corporate Reporting Engine This page could act as a quick reference for the developer community when confronted with the need to point to viable outside examples of companies using VFP. It would be good to sign the examples and it would even be better if your signature pointed to a personal page so if someone found a success story that fell within the problem domain that they were working on they could contact you. Michael Chean

    Michael, do you think that should be a good idea if this page just contained abstracts of the success stories, each one containing a link to a page with full details of the story?
    Perhaps, this way, one could have a general view of all stories listed (I'm, sure that we can gather lots of good success stories!) and select the desired one (to see/print/email). This could help in the maintenance of long texts too. Each abstract could have a bold title with a call to the story. Again, great idea! -- Fernando Alvares

    Fernando that would be a good idea, feel free to refactor as desired. The first story below was from another page, and rather than refactor it out I reproduced it here. But I think abstracts with the appropiate link might be better. Also I was thinking that this could be more like corporate or business success stories. If you have a personal success story, like how I solved Gnarly Problem then that could go on VFP Personal Success Stories? What do you think? Michael Chean

    Nice, Michael, I like the idea of corporate or business success stories being here and personal success stories in VFPPersonalSuccessStories?. May I also suggest story entry format as [Title / Abstract / See story at / Contribution], like the first story (that you suggested) at the top? Hope the refactoring is in agreement with your original idea. Now waiting you create VFPPersonalSuccessStories, too. -- Fernando Alvares

    Fernando I like the layout. I am also thinking that it would be useful to somehow classify the application so that individuals could search for Medical, or Legal and reference the article. I'm not sure industry is the best way to classify it though, any ideas? Maybe domains using the Category tags (see my last entry)? As for my success story its still a work in process. Michael Chean

    Michael, I created a subtitle named "Purpose of This Page" at its very top to clarify this page's goal and to tell people of means to contribute. Please verify if the text above is appropriate, if it's not but can be corrected and you could make the corrections, I thank you. If it isn't appropriate at all, please let me know so we can try another aproach. I think the intention that wanted to be expressed can be understood, but saying that with better words may help. -- Fernando Alvares

    Fernando this looks good. Hopefully we can get some more contributions. I've placed a message on the Universal thread to elicit responses, we'll just have to see. Also there are some more stories in the Foxpro Advisor that can be included. Michael Chean

    Michael, also it would be nice if our fellows at FoxPro Advisor, sent us some articles, like the ones I've been "digging" up there, thus giving us some relief. :) -- Fernando Alvares
    A Recent FP 2 success story:
    Contributors: Michael Chean, Fernando Alvares, Randy Jean, John Koziol, Peter Stordiau
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