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VFP Toolkit For DotNet

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET is not so much a bridge to compile VFP applications in DotNetOffsite link to as much as a port of many really useful functions in VFP, to make them available to the DotNetOffsite link to community. Kamal Patel was the Lead Developer, CathyGero Project Manager, Rick Hodder developed a cool templating system to generate both the static HTML Help and the dynamic XML Help (for integration into the VS.NET IDE). Nancy Folsom provided review and evangelical services, while Ken Levy served as an advisor to the effort. Kamal Patel, CathyGero and Ken Levy demoed the toolkit at the keynote and breakout sessions at the Essential Fox conference, April 26-29, 2002.

More information and files to download can be found at:

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