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Microsoft VFP Mac was released in May of 1996 as Version 3.0b. It will only run on a Power PC processor but runtime applications can be compelled for use on 68k Macs. It was designed for use with System 7.5.x and Power PC processors. VFP Mac does work on the current G3 and G4 Macs running Systems 8.x, 9.x and is will be supported under System X using “Classic” mode. Actual testing was performed using System X public beta. Applications can be cross-compiled with the Windows 3.0 version for cross platform use without code modifications. Version 3.0b is more stable than the original Windows 3.0 release and still the only cross platform solution for VFP.
VFP3.0p has succesfully run on a G4 Gigabit Ethernet model Mac running Panther. The only observed issue is that sometimes the form borders don't render correctly if they are covered by another form and then brought to the front. Resizing or moving the form will refresh the correct appearance of the form border.
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