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VFP 3.0 released in June 1995, runs on 32-bit and 16-bit versions (Wf W, 3.1, 3.1.1) as well as the Macintosh, but does not provide complete ANSI SQL or COM server building capabilities.
The VFP3 base software (32-bit) was purported to be the very first release from MS for the upcoming Windows 95 that was released in August of 1995. Start me up.
I was very excited when VFP3 was released. In those days, Microsoft did not agressively market VFP. In hindsight this was a blessing because VFP3 was big, buggy, and unstable. Frankly, had VFP3 been touted the way we would have liked, it would have been a terrible embarassment for Microsoft. You simply can't reliably do very much with it. Certainly part of the problem is Win 32 S, which VFP3 needs to run upon. All software needs time to cook, and VFP has been brought along very quietly and, on balance, this is no bad thing.-- Steven Black

Was it not the case that you only needed Win 32 S when running on Windows For Workgroups? I.e. it was OK on Win 95 and NT Workstation? --AlanBourke

Agreed. Do you remember that there was talk of a VFP Version 3 DOS? I remember that when VFP 3 was in beta that it was "coming soon" or "being evaluated" or something like that. -- John Koziol
Lisa Slater stated at an Advisor DevCon session that there would be a DOS version of VFP3. -- Carl Warner
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