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VFP Version Command Line Switches Concordance

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Or, more generally, Visual FoxPro Version Feature Concordance
VFP Version - New VFP.EXE Switches Concordance
New In VFP 9 New In VFP 8 New In VFP 7 New In VFP 6 New In VFP 5
. /u (Removes a .dll component.)
REGSVR32 (Registers a .DLL component.)
/? (Displays command line help.)
/Regserver (Registers VFP default registry keys.)
/UnRegserver (Removes VFP default registry keys.)
-B (Displays your own bitmap when VFP is started.)
/nologo (Prevents the display of the VFP logo.)
-A (Ignores default config file and Windows registry settings.)
-D (Specifies a runtime .DLL file.)
-L (Specifies a resource file.)
-R (Refreshes the Windows registry with information about VFP.)
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