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VFP and Fire Bird

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Anybody knows how to drive these two beasts together?
Specially welcome Firebird stuff, i.e how to create a database in FireBird, edit it, add tables etc..., then how to talk to it from VFP.
Jaime BPinto

I just entered "Firebird database ODBC" into Google and got back over 10-pages of results. I get similar volumes when I substitute "ADO" and "OLEDB" in the search string. So I would assume that you can do this with ODBC or OLEDB or ADO, just like you can with any other database. I saw some very recent drivers, and driver betas, browsing in the Google list... See also for an extensive list of ODBC/OLEDB/ADO syntaxes.-- Steven Black

This company is supposed to offer an OLE DB Provider of some sort supporting Firebird

+55 061 345-7214 SIBPROvider Interbase OLE DB Provider InterBase, Firebird
-- Carl Warner

try there was a thread on UT which mentioned this UT thread no. 843655. hope it helps. Bhavbhuti Nathwani

I already have IBPhoenix's driver, that's the one i saw recommended by some gurus in the zillion pages i browsed looking for info. I just wanted to know if anybody here has some actual experience with Firebird and VFP. I found also here and there some threads about using it with VFP, but not much. Found also in UT a nice PRG from Dorin Vasilescu that moves your DBF into Firebird...I am just looking to avoid pitfalls while implementing :-) Jaime BPinto

[2003.12.21] Update...Finally got it working courtesy a connection string from Dorin. I still get some error messages here and there, specially when trying to use Remote Views, but it works really great. I'll test parametized views with it ( that was the main reason i test Firebird rather than MySQL in the first place ) and i'll post my findings... Jaime BPinto

[2004.01.02] Also check out the OLE DB driver for Interbase/Firebird from zstylegroup ( ), they also offer a free version which works fine in most cases. Soenke Richardsen
Checkout, now there is an installer for FB. IBPhoniex also has a ODBC diver installer now and it's IB Expert 2 Personal Edition I found best to work with.
I have this trial setup going between VFP and FB, I have created a key generator for this table. If I add a record through IBExpert I get the key generated successfully, but when I created a record using VFP application the key remained empty. Any suggestions. Bhavbhuti Nathwani

Also check out the OLE DB driver for Interbase/Firebird from IBProvider(, they also offer a free version which works fine in most cases. Igor Gorbonos

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