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VFP comobjectand . NETapplication

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

We have developed a COM object DLL in VFP 9 SP1 and we used this dll in a small VB.NET application.
The DLL is working fine from the VB.NET application. But when we build an installation package for the whole thing and run this installation on a different machine; the VB.NET application will keep on referring the DLL by the GUID used on the machine where it was first developed.

What is happening is that after building the DLL on the development machine, it is getting registered automatically on that machine. And on the same machine we are adding this DLL as a reference to the VB.NET application. So .NET is automatically creating a wrapper DLL called Interop.VfpDllName.dll and using this one if the .NET application. It seems that this wrapper is always referencing the VFP DLL by it's GUID from the development machine. So when we are installing the whole application on a new machine the DLL is getting installed and registered with a new GUID but the wrapper dll Interop.VfpDllName.dll is getting the new GUID for the new machine instead it is still using the original one from the development machine. If we recompile the .NET application on the new machine after updating the reference to the VFP DLL; the .NET application will work fine.

Anyone have an idea about this issue or faced this before please give us a hand here.
Thank you in advance.
( Topic last updated: 2006.04.10 09:18:24 AM )