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And here is the Roadmap of Visual Extend for Visual FoxPro from the product manager Uwe Habermann, matched to Microsoft's official VFP roadmap for Visual FoxPro:

The development of the Frame Work VFX proceeds according to the schedule. VFX 9.5 will be introduced at this year's German DevCon 2005 in November in Frankfurt. A first insight into VFX 9.5 has already been given at the VFX user meeting on April 29th, 2005.

The portability of existing VFX applications into web apps is going to be one highlight. A VFX-AFP (see Active Extend) Wizard as already contained in VFX 9.0 is the first step in this direction. Further information on this interesting topic will soon be disclosed.

More announcements with further details about VFX 9.5's functional range will follow. Visual Extend 9.5 shall be released in close temporal connection to service pack 1 to VFP 9. Thus we make sure that the new version of VFX is adapted to VFP 9 SP 1 in the best possible way.

The development will continue in a consequent manner after VFX 9.5. On time with the release of Sedna, VFX 10 is going to appear on the market, enabling the VFX developers to make use of Sedna's advantages and features straight away. For more than two years, qualified .NET programmers (McP level or higher) have been working in the VFX team, too. More developers than today will work on Visual Extend to achieve the substantial further development planned. Thus, the features and technologies of Sedna as annnounced by Microsoft are going to be usable for VFX developers as well. At the German DevCon 2006 in Frankfurt in November 2006, a glance at the beta version of Visual Extend 10 can be taken.

After VFX 10, the development will continue in parallel to the further planning of Microsoft. VFX developers can rest assured that for many years they will be able to create high-performance applications at the high degree of productivity they are used to - applications based on the newest technologies.

See VFX-Homepage or VFX-Shop for more details.

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