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Testimonials from users of the framework Visual Extend

From Bart Van de Cruys, A&A Consultants Group, Beerse, Belgium:

For the last 30 days I have worked with the evaluation version and must say that I am very pleased with the quality. Development is much quicker than it used to be. I hope the next version will be even more complete and will include the Cursor Adapter class. Of course you can use the quote. Congratulations on the effort of your group! I am happy to pay for your work as it will save me and probably a lot of other developers around the world a lot of work.

From Hans-Werner Rodrian, SRT Redaktionsbuero, Geretsried Gelting, Germany:

Not every VFP user is a developer on a fully professional level. With me, databases, forms, and code are mere means to the end of carrying out projects in my essential area of work (i.e. editing and publishing). It always has do be done quickly. I have always lacked the time and the knowledge necessary for a developer's solid foundation, like a consistent project design or my own base classes.

Then a few years ago I happened to come across the framework Visual Extend. Since then my applications have remained handmade underneath the user interface, but they keep to a stringent prefabricated logic, they have a smart appearance, they contain fewer flaws, and my applications are being understood in an intuitive way by their end users.

The best thing about this: Programming only takes a fraction of the time. A handy toolbox of standard elements covers most of the tasks I have to fulfill quite well. For any other case, I have the entire framework at hand as source code to take a close look how it is to be done. Wherever I built legacy applications anew in VFX, I was able - owing to the open architecture - to take over astonishing amounts of the original code first and then to proceed step by step to new worlds of development such as object orientation, class programming, and inheritance.

In the former years, there has been a weakness concerning the documentation, help, and sample applications. But with the new structure, this has clearly improved. Thanks to the new printed VFX book it will now certainly be a matter of the past.

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