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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A set of developer utilities is bundled with Visual Extend and could be called directly from the VFX developer's menu. This is a list of utilities or developer tools bundled with the product:

Activation Rule Definition manager for copy protection
Customer Management, including activation key management
Manage application updates for automatic online updates of apps
Cursor Adapter Wizard to generate CAs for all tables of the DBC
Audit Trigger Wizard for generating an audit trail for all tables of the DBC
VFX Class Switcher to change the class of the current object
Help Wizard to create help-file entries for all fields of forms
Language Setup Builder to create translation tables for localization
Web Wizard to create AFP-forms from existing VFX-Forms, see Active Extend

This is a "partial" list which includes the most useful utilities, but there are others as well. See VFX-Homepage or VFX-Shop for more details.
See Also: Visual Extend, Active Extend
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