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VMP takes what is, in my opinion, a practical approach. Drew's philosophy, inasmuch as I understand it, is to render unto OOP what is OOP... Therefore, VMP uses procedure files where they make sense, and class libraries where THEY make sense. The framework is not pure OOP. This is a good thing. Why undertake the burden of object instantiation/reference when the object has no need of OOP features (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, etc.). Many utilities, procedures, functions, etc. of a framework fall into this category.
If you come to me preaching about object oriented programming, you are speaking to the choir. However, for me, the jury is still out on "object oriented advertising". A prime example of this technique can be found in the June 2003 issue of "FoxPro Advisor" (another example is in the April 2003 issue). On page 29 is an ad for the upcoming VFP DevCon 2003 in Palm Springs, CA, USA. Pay particular attention to the visual aid (that means the PICTURE of the speaker and attendees). Now turn to page 23 and examine the same picture in the ad for the NetWare Advisor Summit. Look familiar? I would offer that the layout person subclassed the picture from page 29, but set the .Banner property to .F..

While on the subject of the VFP DevCon, why aren't THEY ever held in Las Vegas? Personally, (and I know this truly is an individual decision) I would be more inclined to attend a VFP DevCon if it WERE held in Las Vegas rather than Palm Springs or Florida. Attendence is down at most DevCons; most notably the Advisor DevCon. If Las Vegas can deal with the annual COMDEX get together, surely they can handle a bunch of VFPers. Am I the only one who feels this way? The early odds are 2:1 that I am not. -- Dave Aring

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