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VMPPush Pop Sql Thermometer

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
How to implement a Push Pop Sql Progressbar in Visual Max Frame Professional.

In VMP, the class CUSPUSHPOPSQLTHERMO is automatically used whenever VMP is called upon to requery a view. This makes the framework seem responsive since it shows its doing something rather than just sitting there with that glassy stare computers always have .

If you have VMP, look at the ZREADME method of CUSPUSHPOPSQLTHERMO in XXFWPPOP.VCX for more information.

A developer may wish to use this class for some special purpose in a .PRG or a method as follows:
local loSQLThermo
*Remember current SET TALK settings
loSQLThermo = CreateObject("cusPushPopSQLThermo")

*Execute any SQL command or requery() call such as...
select * from < sometable > into cursor < somecursor >

*Explicitly reset the SET TALK settings if you want to do other processing.
release loSqlThermo

*or let the method or .PRG end and the SET TALK settings will be reverted.

By the way, this particular class is applied by VMP's xxrquery.prg which also provides support for Interruptible Queries.
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Contributors: Mike Yearwood
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