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VMPTxt Picklist Valid

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

In VMP, when you want to assign a Foreign Key to a field in the current target table / view / cursor, you either use a combobox or a textbox-based control called txtPicklistValid. This control may be bound to a controlsource or left "unbound". For example, if you have an invoice, you might have a customer FK. You may build your invoice view to show include the customer name. That would be the value to display in the textbox. However, given the FK and a customer view, the control can display the customer name without having the customer name in the invoice view (the unbound feature was one of my contributions to VMP -- Mike Yearwood). The control requires a table / view as the list of possible choices. You set properties on the control to identify what field in the list is to be copied to the Foreign Key, what field to display, what index to use to do incremental search.

Incremental search in the control takes place as the user enters a keystroke. The keystrokes entered into the control are SEEK()ed in the list and the first matching list entry becomes the new display value.

If the number of records in the list will cause performance problems, the control supports an Alternate Lookup functionality where you might write custom SQL code or requery existing views.

The control is being reworked to incorporate business objects which will be available in VMP version 6.
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Contributors: Mike Yearwood
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