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VPMObject Builder

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

The Object Builder window organizes the development of the Application Objects that run from your application’s menu. It is the hub from which you can build a VPM application.
When you open a project, VPM displays the Object Builder and keeps it on the IDE desktop until you close it.

Think of the Object Builder window as a picture of your application’s main window. The Object Builder displays your application’s menu.

When you select an option on the Object Builder menu that has not been created, VPM gives you an selection so that the right type of object can be selected. This selection includes Forms, Programs, Reports, Queries, Labels, Bar #'s and Procedures.
The (new) data is automaticly added to the menu of the application.

When you select an object that is already created, you may edit or run it. If you use the Source Control Kit, it will automaticly do a "Check out" or do a "Get Latest Version".

You also have an option to include all "called objects" here so that you can edit or run all objects that are not on the menu itself, using all benefits from the Object Builder.

-- Frank Camp
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