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Here are a list of Visual Studio Net links for your information. The original list was posted by Robert Scoble in the MS newsgroups.

These are all the resources I know about so far for Microsoft's Visual family of technologies (includes ASP+,,,, C#, SOAP, Web Services, etc.).

These include ALL the links I've seen bandied around so far, not just Dev X / Fawcette ones.

I can't say it's comprehensive (I get a new resource every hour or so) but it's a good starting point. It'd be good to build a Visual portal with all of these links, methinks.

Hope they are useful to you.

Links not yet classified

(These pasted here, need classification into the grid below, or de-diping if they exist already.),4586,2675673,00.html
The above link has some quotes from Robert Green. Seems he could have found a way to slip VFP in there {g}.
Dev X:
Dev X:
Dev X:
get it free:

NEWSGROUPS: (Comments from M$ on COM rumors)
news:// (Web page versions) (Dev X's newsgroup for discussing C#)
news:// (Web page versions: (Dev X's newsgroup for discussing Visual and Visual
news:// (Web page versions: (Dev X's newsgroup for discussing ASP+).

At there are 10 new newsgroups.

MAILING LISTS: Curious about ASP+? Join this. (Good, Microsoft programmers are participating regularly) Do you have the ASP+ beta and have questions? Join this. (Good, Microsoft programmers are participating regularly) Developmentor's DotNetOffsite link to mailing list (among others). (Good, Microsoft programmers are participating regularly) 4GuysfromRolla's ASP+ discussion forum. Wrox's ASP+ mailing list.

SAMPLES (Microsoft's ASP+ Quickstart page -- is running slow sometimes, keep trying). Vertigo and Microsoft's sample site with source code. (no source code, but our sources tell us this is running on ASP+ now). Japanese rewrite of Microsoft code, it looks like.

TRAINING Independent conference that will tackle ".net" topics. Actually three conferences in one week in one huge hotel in Orlando. (VBITS, VCDC, SQL2TheMax) September 19-23, 2000. (Has an entire day on ".net" technologies, all given by Microsoft developers). Has the best programmers and trainers from DevelopMentor, Wintellect, Vertigo, and Microsoft. Independent conference that will tackle ".net" topics. Run by Boston University and DevelopMentor. Steven Walther's ASP+ training classes. Wintellect's ".net" training classes. Developmentor's training classes. Conference for VS programmers.


and associated technologies (in no particular order) Stealing Java's Thunder (ASP+) (VBPJ's Special Coverage of Visual Studio.NET). Dev and VB-ZONE's Portal (lots of links to other things covered partly below). Microsoft's ".net" Home Page. MSDN's ".net" Home Page. (different than Microsoft's .net page). Much better for developers. Includes a PDC sampler.

Microsoft: Pundits Ponder PDC Pronouncements. Audio and Video of several FTP/DevX pundits giving their thoughts on the PDC and Visual Microsoft's Next Generation Visual Studio Page (links to lots of Visual stuff). Microsoft's PDC sessions and slides. Microsoft's page on using ATL Server. Microsoft's Winforms site. Microsoft's Web Services site. Detail from Microsoft on language changes made to VC++, VB, and others. .NET Revealed-Microsoft Raises the Curtain on Web Applications Services Framework by Stuart L. Johnson of XML Magazine from PDC. Answers to Your Top 5 Visual Studio.NET Questions by Jeff Hadfield. Visual Studio 7 Embraces the Web. Publisher's Note for VBPJ by Jeff Hadfield. Inside Visual Studio 7. True to Microsoft's word, Visual Studio 7.0 is all about enabling you to program the Internet. From August VBPJ. Program the Web With SOAP. Find out how Microsoft plans to revolutionize the Web with SOAP and ROPE. by Ken Rabold, from August VBPJ. Develop Web Applications With ATL Server. Visual Studio's next version allows you to build high-performance Web applications with ATL. By Richard Grimes from August VCDJ. VB7: More IDE Improvements. July 2000 VBPJ Publisher's Note. Visual Basic 7.0's New Features: A Glossary. by Rockford Lhotka. It's No Joke: VB7 to Feature Inheritance. Editor's Note by Patrick Meader for VBZONE. Get Ready for Web Forms. Publisher's Note from August VBPJ. by Jeff Hadfield. Web Services and the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio 6.0. Microsoft's site for downloading Web Services for Visual Studio 6. The Programmable Web: Web Services Provides Building Blocks for the Microsoft .NET Framework. MSDN Magazine August report by Mary Kirtland. Visual Studio.NET: Build Web Applications Faster and Easier Using Web Services and XML. MSDN Magazine August report by Dave Mendlen. Active Server Pages+: ASP+ Improves Web App Deployment, Scalability, Security, and Reliability. MSDN Magazine August Report by Dave Sussman. ASP+ FAQ. Commonly-Asked ASP questions answered. ASP+: An Introduction and My Views on the Matter. An Overview of ASP+. What is ASP+? ASP+ Overview from Charles Carroll. Introducing ASP+. By Alex Homer. Creating ASP+ Pages with your Favorite Language. ASP+ Quickstart Tutorial from Microsoft. Using the ASP+ List-Bound Controls Nikhil Kothari, Microsoft Corporation User Input Validation in ASP+ Anthony Moore, Microsoft Corporation How is ASP+ different from ASP by Alex Homer. A summary of all the new features in ASP+ by Alex Homer. Microsoft's page on the new ADO+. (Database Access Technology). Mirror of Microsoft's samples and documentation. (they have placed it an a frameset that guarantees their tab stays on top of the documentation. Very rude....) ASP+ articles on (ASP+ Homepage). Wrox's ASP+ preview site and support page. Info about how .DLL's change under Microsoft's .NET. Protecting .NET applications through obfuscation. All Things Being Equal...XML bridges the gulf between Java and the Microsoft platform. But remember, that bridge goes both ways. by Sean Gallagher, Editorial Director, FTP Enterprise Group The Significance of 'dot-NET' Microsoft's latest offers an unprecedented level of language interoperability for Web-based applications by Bertrand Meyer

From O'Reilly news: Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE: How Do They Stack Up?


Microsoft's C# Introduction and Overview

How Do I Find X? How Do I Do Y? Does C# Do Z?
MSDN Online Voices Column - Working with C# - written by Eric Gunnerson, C# test lead
Lists of useful resources for C# development

Nice Box. What's in It?
MSDN Online Voices Column - Working with C# - written by Eric Gunnerson, C# test lead
CLR has a way for value types to become reference types as needed; this is called boxing.

First Look at Visual Studio 7.0
Learn what's coming in the next version of Visual Studio and how it affects you as a C++ developer (includes introducing C#)
by Brian Noyes.

A Sharper Look for Visual C++
C# gives you C++'s OO power, but adds garbage collection, plus eliminates pointers and other features that lead most often to trouble.
From August VBPJ.

Sharp New Language: C# Offers the Power of C++ and Simplicity of Visual Basic
MSDN Magazine August Report by Joshua Trupin.

Will Microsoft hit the right note with C#?
Editorial by Jeff Hadfield Publisher, VBPJ

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