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In order to increase the use of Valhalla and it's evolution as well, Valhalla is offered as a shareware application with donations accepted to support it's further development. The download is a full featured version with no limits as to the number of projects or custom buttons it supports. Download the full version today!

Valhalla is a tool developed by Pablo Flores which he used over the last 3 years or so. He wrote it after getting tired of forgetting the name and location of VFP projects.

Pablo Flores is the president of Isengard Corporation and wrote Valhalla.
It's a toolbar written in VFP 7 and is run from within the development environment. You simply point out the projects you're working on and where they're located and when you right click on the "Proj" button, you get a list of all the projects. When you select one it switches to that subdirectory, makes it the default, and opens it.

It also has several standard buttons, for example to clear and reset the environment and one to launch the Windows explorer with the the current project's directory as the default.

In addition you can add your own custom defined buttons that execute any vfp commands and they popup on the toolbar ready for use.

Valhalla can be found at . The zip file contains valhalla, a macro file, a config.fpw file, a small prg and a help file.
There's a new version of Valhalla available for download. This version has some great new features:

1. Code Library - A feature that allows you to save and drag-drop sections of code you want to re-use.
2. Menu Font - Set the font for the right-click menu.
3. Custom Button Exporting - Single-click exporting of custom buttons. With one click you can export all the information required to recreate the custom button. Single file (.VAL) encapsulation includes: Button Caption, Tooltip Text, Commands, Caption Forecolor, Graphic, Graphic Mask.
4. Custom Button Imporing - Drag-drop the exported custom button on the "Open Project" button and the button is created, including the graphic.
5. Internet Access/Web Site News - Activate Internet access for Valhalla, and a new "Web Site News" menu option takes you quickly to the Valhalla news page.
6. Right-Click Menu Bug Reporting - Quickly and easily report bugs.
7. Right-Click Wish List - Quickly and easily send requests for new features.
8. New Look - Hot Tracking look blends Valhalla with the standard VFP toolbars.
9. Position Tracking - If you prefer to use Valhalla undocked, the position of the toolbar is saved between sessions.
10. New Graphics - Valhalla sports new graphics for standard buttons.
11. New Custom Buttons - Try out the new drag-drop custom button importing feature with the new custom buttons.
12. Faster Load Time - The new option to compile custom buttons or not, allows Valhalla to load faster.
13. Bug Fixes - version tracking, pre-valhalla commands and the interference of Valhalla with the debugger are fixed.
14. Visual FoxExpress Compatible!
As the website was not available any more I asked the author about an update. He has taken the site down. It will be relaunched in the next couple of days at This entry will be updated when it is up and running. Rainer Becker [dFPUG]
Still available for download at
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