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VFP has been positioned for a different scope of applications than VB ever was, and with the transition from DOS to Windows, VFP is now playing in a much bigger ballfield than its architecture was originally designed for. VB, on the other hand, was designed by Microsoft as their entry-level development platform for Windows. As a result, it integrates with Windows in some ways that VFP doesn't. And now, with VB.NET supporting the CLR directly, many CLR classes/objects that can be used are not available to VFP unless the .NET runtime is installed (in which case many of them can be accessed through ActiveX).

Now to get more specific on how to convert specific things:
Simple Procedural Code wierd syntax
Simply convert the syntax (concordance and other hints at
API Calls Declare statements
Convert to vfp-syntax DECLARE statements.
Structures in API Calls define the type, use as in C
hand-craft the structure in a String (see Api Structures )
Callback Functions in API Calls pass the address
See Callbacks And Events

see also: Vfp To Vb Concordance
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