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Vcx To Vss

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Vcx To Vss is a class browser (CB) add-in (Browser Add Ins)
which allows you to add PRG analogs of visual
classes (libraries) or forms to a specified
Visual Source Safe database (Visual Source Safe Integration). -- vt

VCX (SCX) -> CB (+ an addin) -> PRG -> This Addin -> VSS Database

Vcx To can be found at

It contains five files:
Vcx To Vss.prg - A Class Browser add-in
Vcx To Vss.h - A header file for Vcx To Vss.prg
Install.prg - Installation of this Class Browser add-in.
Remove.prg - Uninstallation of this add-in.
Readme.txt -

See also Scc Text, Vcxs Compare
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