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Venelina ( acquired her first programming knowledge in Mathematical High-School. Later, she received Master degree in Computer Sciences from Varna Technical University.

After her graduation she was invited to participate in the development of the Employment Agency information system in Varna. While hesitating between Pascal and C++ as programming language, suddenly a colleague of Venelina recommended to use FoxPro. After the first few days working with FoxPro, she fell in love with this language which still continues nowadays.

In the following years her career was tied again to the Varna Technical University as a teacher.
In 1997 she decided to devote her efforts and knowledge to her own company JEI.
In 1999 Venelina became MCP and in 2001 her company became a Microsoft Certified Partner.

In her list of projects are wide ranges of various applications like banking, insurance and financial operations, petrol station POS software, postal address validation, ERP system for the Bulgarian market, billing systems for utility companies, report generating tool and many other tools for VFP. Since the beginning of 2003 Venelina is the team leader for the further Visual Extend framework development.

Along with VFP projects, she is also an architect and project leader for many .Net desktop and ASP.Net projects.

Since 2003 Venelina is a regular speaker at the Visual FoxPro DevCon in Frankfurt. She has held also sessions at numerous regional events in Bulgaria, conferences in Bucharest, Bunnik and Paris, as well as many years at the VFP DevCon in Prague and Southwest Fox in Phoenix.

Starting from 2008, till 2014 Venelina was working together with Uwe Habermann as manager of V&U Ltd. ( In addition to the development of Visual Extend, their focus is the development of various Visual FoxPro applications. Further, Venelina and Uwe worked on the rich capabilities of Silverlight, providing a high technology base for future projects of VFP developers, and especially VFX developers by developing the framework Silverswitch.

Nowadays Venelina and V&U focuse on Windows Store and Universal applications development, the newest Web development technologies as well as the framework Alvenos the rapid application development environment for Windows 8 Store line-of-business apps (
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