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Until the early 1990's (?), Versa Soft produced dbMAN, a very powerful xBase clone for DOS, Unix, ATARI and other platforms.

It was developed by Charlie Tseng and his crew. Much of that time, out of a large upstairs room in his home. The product was far ahead of its time. Transaction processing, menus, popups, etc. My company modified SBT G/L, A/R, A/P, S/O and P/O to run on it, and then modified the code heavily to do record locking and transactions. Over a year before SBT had a multiNet version of its code. dbMan would even run on MultiLink (a multi-user overlay to DOS). My company wrote a multi-user travel agency application running on MultiLink with 7 Kimtron dumb terminals. Highly reliable and very fast. But, dbMan always struggled, and, to my knowledge, never made the transition to Windows. A fine product, great staff. They are missed. Ray Kirk

Comment: A Windows version has been finished, I was told by Klaus Mai (the German distributor of dBMAN). RalfG.

I'm sure I'm not the only database programmer who remembers watching data-entry clerks pull their hair out when they were forced to switch from DOS-based to Windows-based programs. What does this have to do with dbMAN? It had powerful windows capabilities (small w) that didn't get in the way of data entry, and I still have clients that use 10 year-old programs created with dbMAN.

The DOS version was very limited. I remember that I did have many problems while trying to port an large dBMAN Amiga project to the DOS version of dBMAN (short filenames, few memory and so on). RalfG.

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