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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Version control systems track and store changes to a file so developers can review a file's history, return to earlier versions of a file, and develop programs concurrently.
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Major Rule: Use source control to protect yourself. You're human, after all.

Good Practice: If you are in experimental mode, coding from the seat of your pants, use the Sourcesafe safety net. I often find that I would like to be able to copy a class so that I can experiment with it without committing any changes. This is the sort of thing Visual Sourcesafe lets you do. You can, at any time, rollback to any previous version.

Guideline: Realize that Source Control Integration comes with baggage.
See Visual Source Safe Integration

Guideline: Occasionally clean out your Sourcesafe project. Source control is overhead. If you are using source control integration and you find that response time for opening a file is beginning to lag, consider cleaning out your source control database. I suspect, but can't be sure, that Source Safe response time varies inversely with the size of the Source Safe database, which increases every time you check something in.

Good Practice: Be aware of some common problems with interactive source control. If every time you open a project you get the message: "An unspecified registry error occurred". This means the project is controlled by Visual Source Safe, but you don't have VSS activated in VFP, or don't have it installed at all. If you really don't need the Sourcesafe link, you can clear the SCCDATA field in the PJX file and set the LOCAL field to .T.

Guideline: VFP needs read/write privileges in order to compile its structures. If you have a project that does not allow building, and you get the error message "Cannot Write to Read Only Cursor", usually this means a read only file. You probably have of your SCX or VCX files is still set to read-only but not marked as checked into Sourcesafe in the project file.
In order to compile forms and classes, those files have to be read/write. This is because VFP stores the compiled code in the VCT or SCT. You probably don't have some VCX or SCX files checked out so they are read only on your drive.
If you are using Source Safe interactively, when you do a Get Latest Version on all files in the project (including tables) make sure you have 'Make Writeable' box option checked. VFP needs many of its structures to be writeable since object code is stored as part of its metadata. Addendum by Zahid Ali - If you are on a multi-developer team, do this to build your project, but mark your files Read-Only again when done. This will minimize the possibility of a mix-up which could result in someone - most likely you - losing code.)(If anyone is interested, I give the code for a project hook to save the RW state of all the files in your project and change them all to RW in the BeforeBuild event and then change them back to their original state in the After Build event in the May 2001 issue of FoxPro Advisor -- Pamela Thalacker)
-- Steven Black
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