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Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Visual Fox Express "C Layer" - the set of classes that VFE apps are built from. VFE is not only an n-tier framework, but also leverages OOP in an elegant manner; don't confuse the two.
The intermediate layer or "I layer" is a set of classes that are all subclasses of the C layer without any changes made. This is where you should make changes.
If you find you need to make a change to the cLayer code, it is tempting to edit it, save, and forget about it. This works, but it's not right. The correct way to hack the C layer is open up the empty method in the I layer, copy/paste the code from the cLayer (VFP8's show parent code is very handy for this.) Now you can edit it as you wish, and as long as you don't add a DODEFAULT the offending cLayer code will not be executed any more. When new VFE cLayer code shows up, you can compare your code to the new code and act approipagtly.

This may seem obvious, but it took me over 3 years to stop editing the cLayer code. - ?cfk

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