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With all the expertise floating around, it should be a very productive week.

Name, Arrival, Departure, Events, plans

Bob Archer, Sat 18 Eve, Monday Noon, VFE Devcon, Mega Impact Devcon, learning some things, WINNING some money
Steven Black, Sun 19 8:50 pm, both events, leaving Friday 24th 11:05 pm.
MarkusEgger, Wed 15 11:30 PM - Sat 25 12:00 AM, Speaker / Organizer, hopefully WINNING A LOT of money......
Mike Feltman & Toni Feltman, Sat 18 12:00 pm or so, both events, leaving Saturday the 25th at 11:00 am or so. Speaking, partying, gambling, learning from the other speakers and talking to people about what they are doing with VFE.

Gee... I think Toni deserves her own line. Or is it... Mike=Speaking,Toni=Partying,Toni=Gambling,Mike=Learning (gambling) from other speakers. (G)
For some reason, I doubt Mike will ever learn gambling. It seems that no matter how many people sign up for the VFE DevCon, Mike will always be loosing money in Las Vegas... :-) -- MarkusEgger

Phil Feltman & Leslie Feltman, (that's right Phil is a married man now!) Friday 17 at 10:00, both events, when Phil leaves depends on the judges sentencing recommendation.

Susan Giddings, Fri night 17th , Sat morning 25th, see Hoover dam, learn and meet people who have been so generous in helping me!
Doug Hennig, Sat afternoon, Thurs morning, VFE Devcon only, have fun, hang out with old and new friends, learn something, pass some knowledge on
Carl Karsten, Sun 19 2:13, Sun 26 3:04, VFE Devcon, getting some work done and losing some money
Del Lee, Sat 18 9:54, Wed 22 11:54PM, VFE Devcon Only, Learning as much as possible, meeting other VFE users.
EllenWhitney, Wed 15 11:30 PM - Sat 25 12:00 AM, DoubleImpactMegaEvent
Jim Icenhower, Saturday 18th evening, Friday 24th afternoon, All of them!, networking (not the electronic kind), figuring out how to get my project into high gear, etc...

Does anyone know how to make this into an Xm L Document?

Sure, you make it into XML... you can do it by hand.
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