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Vfe Customizations - Some things are easier than others, but the important ones are easy.
Application Code

Classes in vfeframe/libs: change the subclass in ilibs (iLibs will always survive.)

Messages that appear in dialogs: Change the record in Msg Svc and document it for future releases. (There is no easy way to "chain" message service tables together like we do for the factory.)

What class is used for what: See VFEExtending The Abstract Factory or Extending the Abstract Factory

Constants - Additions to VFE.H

The default cursor class for lookups: change this line lcCursorClass = "iCursor" What happened to the factory and all that?
Development Tools

VFE Wizards: An example of modifications are included in Extending the VFE Reports Dialog and Addendum to using PJXHookX

VFE Builders: See KB: How to Customize a VFE Builder " would lose this modification. As a result, you may want to..." someone should flesh out the solution mentined.

Instead of MODI CLASS ? in the second step you would CREATE CLASS and base the new class on presobjformbuilder of vbuilder.vcx. For this example, I'll name the new class testformbuilder. Save the new class in a new classlib outside of the vfe tree. I put mine at this path and filename (E:\Foxpro\VFECustom\delsvfebuilders.vcx). So, then you MODI CLASS iPresentObjForm and put the following in the builderX property (E:\Foxpro\VFECustom\delsvfebuilders, testformbuilder). There's no need to put the full path to the custom builder classlib if you have that folder set up in your search path. BTW, the example in the article has since been incorporated into the built-in VFE builder, but the idea will work the same for other properties. Let me know if this still is not clear enough. - Del Lee

Adding DBCX Properties - The right way is to create your own metadata tables and classes. (I think
there is a KB about this.) Not to date. I think Dan Goodwin has done this if I recall correctly. The DBCX Reference should help you get started (located at C:\VFE7\HELP\DBCXREF.DOC)

Project hooks: add a record to the app's PJXHooks.dbf

Default UI control: Express menu, Preferences, Objects

Default FBC: vfeframe\LIBS\cVFEMgr.vcx - change all the references to iField and iData.vcx. (won't survive an update)

Report Styles: See Creating and Using a New Report Style

Using PJXHookx: See Using PJXHookx

VFEGenView - Download current version from

Integrating SDT - See VFEand SDT
Some good concrete customizations: (good example of survival) (good example of something that won't survive - took me 2 hours to redo it. If someone wants the robust version I will zip it up.)

Productivity Tips from the VFE Online Conference

See VFEThread Watch
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