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Vfp 7 Err

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Vfp 7 Err.log is a file created when a C5 error occurs, but I cannot find anything documenting this feature.

It's great to be able to see exactly which line in an application is causing problems, although it hasn't helped us much. We've been seeing more C5 errors in VFP7 than we ever did in VFP6. One command that seems to be an issue is SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT Another one is: CLEAR ALL

Does anyone know how this could be causing us problems? I cannot reproduce this from the command line, but it happens fairly often while in development mode (I.E. running our app from the command line). We issue these commands in our application's exit/cleanup routine.

Thanks - William Fields

You're not by any chance using _screen hooks in your app? I got a lot of C5 errors that didn't occur in 6.0 by using that trick. -- Mike Helland

No _screen hooks. Thanks.

Beware of ALINES(aX,cString) where LEN(cString)=0.-- Steven Black

Thanks for the heads-up Steve
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