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Namespace: VFP
ok, this sucks. showing html tags on an html page is a pain. I think the best way to get this program is to edit he page, and cut/paste the code from there.

You could run the code through mhHtmlCode and the tags would be HTMLified and would display properly. -- Mike Helland

* mkCat.prg
* Make Catalog

* get a list of images
lcDir = Home()+"Graphics\Bitmaps\Assorted\"
Create Cursor Images (cImageName c(20))
lnImages = ADir( laImages, lcDir + "*.bmp" )
For lnImage = 1 to lnImages
	Insert into Images ( cImageName ) values ( laImages[lnImage, 1] )	

Set Textmerge to "mkCat.html"
Set Textmerge on
    Scan lcImageName = Trim( cImageName ) \
  1. <> EndScan \
\ Set Textmerge off Set Textmerge to * now browse mkCat.html

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