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Vfp Exe Sizes

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A place to list the size of various VFP.EXE sizes
VersionVERSION()EXE SizeEXE Date DLL SizeDLL Name
VFP 9Visual FoxPro 09.00.0000.2412 for Windows 5,620 kb13-DEC-2004 4,600 kbVFP9R.DLL
VFP 8Visual FoxPro 08.00.0000.3117 for Windows 5,236 kb25-SEP-2003 4,200 kbVFP8R.DLL
VFP 7Visual FoxPro 07.00.0000.9465 for Windows 4,260 kb04-JAN-2002 3,344 kbVFP7R.DLL
VFP 6Visual FoxPro 06.00.8961.00 for Windows 4,091 kb18-AUG-2000 3,295 kbVFP6R.DLL
VFP 5Visual FoxPro
4,072 kb20-AUG-1996 3,146 kbVFP500.DLL
VFP 3Visual FoxPro for Windows 4,374 kb16-DEC-1995 3,657 kbVFP300.ESL
FPW 2.6aFoxPro 2.6a for Windows 2,444 kb28-SEP-19941 n/an/a


1 - For FoxPro 2.6a for Windows EXE the date is of the 2.6a patch. Actual date would depends on when patch has been applied.

Note the extremely slow rate of bloat.

See also Visual FoxPro Version Feature Concordance and VFPSupported OS

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