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Vfp Is My Tool Of Choice

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The purpose of this page is to show who really supports FoxPro and the work Microsoft's FoxPro Team is doing to deliver us great enhancements in each new version of VFP.

So, if VFP is still your tool of choice and you did not jump out of the VFP ship, please consider putting your name in the list below.

Yes, VFP is my Tool of Choice!
Cesar Luque - Argentina
Tomas Cane
Angel Gonzalez
Ronald Thorp
Bill Broyles
Paul James
Joe Majestic
Fernando Alvares
Claudio Rola
Troy Reganall
wgcs -- WilliamSteinford
Ken Dibble
Jim Nelson
William Sanders
Plinio Fermin
Julian Rosario
Mayra Suero
Maria Antonia Ramos
Ram�� �e La CruzF
Oscar Zetino
Henry Hernandez
Mike Asherman
Gary Parsons
Giancarlo Piccinato (I already abandoned this old ship, I used this because of my boss!) Someone else wrote this (I never would)
Eduardo Coutinho
Santa Claus
Tim Hustler
Randy Jean
Chris Valerioti
David Stevenson
Pete Naylor
Mike Collins
Grady McCue
Randy Bosma
Juan Zavala - Puerto Rico
Tracy Pearson
Jim Livermore
Bryan Palmer
Hilmar Zonneveld
Chris Huff
Jim Oswell
Rob Agnew
Andrew Jennings
Ron Olson
Handi Rusli
Ed Leafe
Alec Gagne
Tamar Granor
Jaime BPinto
Emmanuel Huybrechts
Kevin Marois
Dragan Nedeljkovich
Anatoliy Mogylevets
Kevin Goh
Rodolfo Duarte
Adrian Heath
Jun Ramoneda
Nick Neklioudov
Bill Reinersmann
Joel Leach
Kenn Leland
Lou Gonzalez
Robin Clapworthy
Christian Yonathan ( i just have two choice , VFP or VFP )
Burt Rosen
Mark Rietman
Boudewijn Lutgerink (Amazing how the .NET team "sells" new features in .NET that are soooooo familiar to us already)
Gordon Norris
Christopher Huff
Evan Pauley
Peter Crabtree
Kevin Ragsdale
John Fenton
Luis Maria Guayan
Roderick Pagdanganan
Joe Serdakowski
Craig SBoyd
Bihmouten mustapha (Casablanca,Morroko)
Jim Winter
David Fung
Eduard Alexandru (Romania)
Don Higgins, Peoria, IL
Tod Mckenna
Keith J. Lander (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
Mike Lewis
Dennis Kreuzenstein
Jonathan Clark
Dave Aring, Overland Park, KS, USA
Kenneth Tamayo, Puerto Rico
Jim Wong - Hong Kong (using Fox as the main tool since 1990)
Victor Espina (using Fox as main tool since 1990!)
Kevin Cully
Ailsom F Heringer, Brasil
Margaret Streich, Canada
Garfield Hudson
Bhavbhuti Nathwani
Carl Warner
Rahul Desai - Sydney - Australia
Doug Hennig
Tom Slayton
Sandy S Sanabia
Vassilis Aggelakos
Yahia Aboudalal, Lebanon
James B. Lawhon, Sacramento, California (I use VFP 9.0 but still have Foxpro Version 1.0 ;-)
Russell Campbell
Ted Gregg
Ravi Kant Taxali
Cetin Basoz ( tool of choice? I am not sure but I think choice enough to add my name here I think )
Alexandre Rondeau (One day we will all make 250 000$ a year for knowing VFP)
Al Gardner, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ron Philippo
Thierry Nivelet (Fox In Cloud)
Laurie Alvey
I really support FoxPro and the VFP Team's efforts, and VFP is still my #1 tool of choice in the scenarios where it makes sense and where I have the choice, but I'm afraid I might have become contaminated because I did a few ASP.NET apps. I suggest that you remove the contaminated business above if you want more people to express support for VFP, because support and use of VFP and use of other tools at the same time is the experience of many VFP-lovers. If you can remove the "contaminated" text above, I'll consider signing my name. Done. (Thanks for the change, Fernando.) In my opinion, using ASP.NET does not mean that I have jumped out of the VFP ship. (I do still use Web Connection on some current projects, too.) What about those who love and use VFP, but need to create a front-end for a hand-held device? Are they out of the ship when they use ASP.NET Mobile controls? -- David Stevenson, Editor, Fox Talk 2.0

Hmmm, XForms will be a new challenge then for vfp developers (Boudewijn) read about on the w3c site.
Looks promising.

I agree David. Just because a programmer has an interest in a new language doen't mean they are necessarily "Impure". I too have written a few ASP.NET apps and found them thoroughly exciting. I still love the control I have with VFP but how will I find one that compares with doing any comparison?
Afterall, those who failed to embrace new technology during the industrial revolution were called "Luddites", and I'd hate to think of any of my fellow VFP programmers in that kind of way ;?� Tim Hustler

Ok, David and Tim, it's a fair request and it's done (I understand it was quite an harsh and offensive statement). Waiting for your names (just striked the words for you to check, please remove them when adding your names). By the way, David, thanks for your great work at Fox Talk. - Fernando Alvares

Removed Strikeout and Fixed Grammar too ;?� Tim Hustler

If I ever reach a point where I no longer use VFP at all, I'll consider that I've jumped out of the ship, but for now, this is a party boat. Thanks to the VFP Team for such an awesome feature set in VFP 9.0! David Stevenson

My company has J2EE as a standard. Although a number of VFP apps exist for both Desktop and Intra-Web in the Engineering division, it's not a "standard" so is slowly sinking. Does anyone recall any published studies talking about the development time of VFP over say a J2EE tool. Or, of RAD ability with VFP in general? I'm building a case - sort of the last stand - my own Little BigHorn here. Peter Diotte

There is such an article,
FYI: I scheduled it with java as well. The results are breath-taking.
With a 4rth gen rad tool, the nominal plan comes to 23 staff-months and a schedule of 10.6 months.
With Java the nominal plan comes out with a 73 staff-months effort and a 15.4 months schedule.
Figures like this always makes me wonder how-in-the-world can budget-accountable managers overlook these 4th gen tools like vfp. Oh well, read the article. (Boudewijn Lutgerink)

I must add that VFP by itself is not the only reason I stick with VFP (even though it keeps getting better with each version). Other factors such as community, great 3rd party tools, books, publications, etc. all play a significant role in my devotion to VFP -- Randy Jean

Is it me or does VFP seem to have more of an international following these days, more so than in the U.S.? If so, this tells me there could be economical (as well as political and/or technical) reasons for choosing to develop primarily with VFP. You see, not everyone has money to burn on Research Oriented Development, theirs or their clients'. Maybe they know something in Canada, South America, Europe, Eastern and Southern Asia that developers here are missing -- Randy Jean

Have not started any new development in VFP since 2009 - other than maintenance and enhancements to existing projects. All DotNetOffsite link to now. Started in VBDotNet but am now a CSharp convert over the past couple of years (and I love it!) Business and control frameworks used: StrataFrame (abandoned) Now DevExpress and ExpressAppFramework for the past few years (Amazing tools!) -- Randy Jean

VFP because it's cheap, it's fast, it's RAD.

Although I have spent considerable time studying C# and .Net and consider them quite interesting from a computer science point of view, I still am using FoxPro for an application I am developing for the mortgage industry. It is the perfect tool for what I am trying to do. FoxPro's possession of a built in data base is exceedingly handy. However, I keep my eyes on .Net. Two major programs for the mortgage industry have recently moved to .Net. The one I know best has no real database. Kenn Leland, The Software Connection 07/29/04

I use VFP for data acquisition and control. I interface Advantech ADAM modules using Active X. By far the fastest development tool. Joe Serdakowski,

I am an independent developer writing applications for small to medsize business, and VFP is my tool of choice in this context. David Fung

"I Do!" - It's FAST! It's Clean! It's Challenging! - ?edyshor

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