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From time to time people says they need arguments to show (to clients, IT managers etc) that VFP is a good choice. The idea of this page came from an Universal Thread (Thread #888309) created by BrendaGrossnickle, where, at some point, she says:

"I need some ammunition - maybe some stats or a white paper - that Visual FoxPro with some other trendy languages like .Net. Need something that shows Visual FoxPro is a good language and database. Does anyone have anything?"

This page should serve as a reference when this very same question comes again.

Until When Visual FoxPro Will Be Supported:

As can be found in June 2004 - Letter From Editor, by Ken Levy:

"Microsoft Support Lifecycle has recently been extended for all products. Visual FoxPro 8.0 is now available for data-centric application development and is now supported through 2008 or 2013 with extended support. Visual FoxPro 9.0 is scheduled to be released later this year and there will be product support for version 9.0 ten years after it is released (5 years standard, additional 5 years extended support) which would take Visual FoxPro 9.0 support through 2014."

Please, read again: Visual FoxPro 9.0 support through 2014!

See Also: Microsoft Support Lifecycle document and Product Lifecycle Dates - Developer Tools Family

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Just to start I posted some of the replies to that thread with names of the repliers (hope they don't mind).

Steve if there is something wrong with the way I created (and filled) this page, would you please refactor it or even delete it in order to not cause any problems to anybody? Thanks so much. -- Fernando Alvares

No, that's fine Fernando. There are a number of useful topics here that speak to this already...-- Steven Black

Thanks, Steve, fool me... Reorganized adding "List of Topics in This Wiki, About This Subject", just for the wiki topics. -- Fernando Alvares

As mentioned by AlanWyne above regarding the cost of outsourcing to India, if anybody wants to do some homework, let me know the details and I guess I can find out the figures regarding stuff being sent to India to get it done. I guess he is talking about VFP jobwork, 'cause that is what I am well versed in. Bhavbhuti Nathwani

Martin Fowler has an interesting point of vue about offshore outsourcing -- Emmanuel Huybrechts

I would ask the very same customer: "How would you feel if I start telling YOU what to use for your product..." I feel too much emphasis is often put on the tool we use.
If a problem is solved for the customer why would he/she care with what the problem is solved? -- Boudewijn Lutgerink

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