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Vfp Merge

Namespace: DotNet

In Versioning Control, or Source Code Control tools, Merge is the operation to join modifications made concurrently in source code.
The most difficult operation is the merge of the modifications to the same component (form, classlib, etc)

Fox Bin 2 Prg

This tool, available from january 2014, is for VFP 9, and support 2-way conversion of pjx, pjm, scx, vcx, mnx, frx, lbx, dbf and dbc binary files to text (prg-style for pjx/pjm/scx/vcx/mnx and xml-style for dbf/dbc/frx/lbx) for comparison using your favorite tool.
The capability of converting texts back to binary makes this tool perfect for Vfp Merge operations with most popular SCM tools.
The project is under VFPx Codeplex site, at
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