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Vfp Runtime . msi

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
We are experiencing a problem with a FoxPro Application when trying to print on a Citrix Metaframe XP server.

When logged in as an administrator with full rights to the machine and apps:
The command being used is "REPORT FORM MyReport NOEJECT NOCONSOLE TO PRINTER Prompt"

Before the printer selection dialog appears, a window asking for the path to a installer called VFPRuntime.msi comes up with a path to an invalid location.

We can't locate the installer. If we cancel this window, the printer dialog comes up and works fine thereafter. Everytime the FoxPro application is closed and relaunched, the same error happens.

When doing the same thing as a regular user, the error window doesn't come up, instead, the printer dialog takes an ungodly long time to appear.

We have tried to register the vpf dlls (vfp8r.dll, vfp8t.dll), and we get the error:
"Load LibraryOffsite link to
("vfp8r.dll") failed. The specified module could not be found."

The odd thing here is that the runtime dlls were able to be registered when the application was first installed. Also, I would think the application would not run at all if these were not registered correctly.

Any ideas?

Maybe gdiplus.dll is missing?

With a similar problem (ie. reinstalling the MSI everytime), I had to reformat the HDD to get rid of it. Hope you have better luck.

Did you install the runtimes using the Installshield LE that comes with VFP? If so, to make it work properly on a Citrix server there is a rather undocumented set of command line options you must use. Otherwise the registry keys get put in the wrong place, even if you put the Citrix server in install mode first.
Assumption: You have compiled the install into SETUP.EXE
Citrix server is in 'install' mode (execute "CHANGE USER/INSTALL" at a command prompt)

You would run: SETUP /v”ALLUSERS=1” to run the installation for the runtimes. Case matters on that command line! the 'v' must be lower case, the 'ALLUSERS' must be caps. And no spaces. I dug this out on an Installshield forum when I had a similar problem trying to get my app to work on a Citrix server, when it would run just fine on a regular Windows machine.
Remember to change back to execute mode, or reboot afterwards ("CHANGE USER/EXECUTE")
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